What kind of song from advertising intimissimi 2018?

As always, advertising from the company Intimisimi delight us with interesting tracks. And this case is no exception. I immediately want to add this song to myself. In this case, a song plays in advertising LP – Lost on You. You can listen to it anywhere. This track has long been not secret. I found it on the VKontakte website without any problems. There she stands on the top line when the singer’s pseudonym.

At the moment, she is the author of songs for many modern and popular female performers.

Successful listening.

The other day there was a new advertisement from Intimissimi, the main role in which was played by a fairly popular blogger girl – Chiara Ferrani, originally from Italy. But many who saw this advertisement were more interested in not a girl, but the music that plays in this advertisement.

The track used in this advertisement is one of the famous songs of the American performer LP, and it is called Lost on You.

The composition of the very famous American performer and the author of many songs for Christina Agilers, Riana, Rita Ora, Cher and other famous modern performers plays in new advertising.

This track is called LP – Lost on You. She already managed to write nonsense for such as Cher Lloyd or Backstreet Boys. In short, her texts on the clash. So listen and enjoy. By the way, her other tracks are also very musical.

In the new advertisement of the Intimissimi brand that produces linen (and, they say, very good, comfortable and beautiful), the most famous fashion blogger, Milan model Kyara Ferraniya, has starred today. The camera fixes the main attention on her attractive face and ‘those under my clothes’, as Kyara herself says, a delightful pink lace body. Another version of advertising is with the Brazilian model Giselle Bundhen. A blue lace bra is already involved in her video, sconces. And all this – and the video with Bundhen, and the video with Kyara Ferrani – is accompanied by a very bright, memorable song. She sings lp (al pi)- an American author-executor (her full name is Laura Pergoolitszi or Laura Pergoolitszi). The song is called Lost on You.

What kind of song from advertising intimissimi 2018?

Sometimes a good choice of song makes boring advertising interesting, memorable, but never the opposite. So in the case of a new advertisement of the stamp ‘intimissimi’, a not particularly interesting advertising video I want to watch only because of the beautiful song that sounds in it.

This piercing and touching composition of love called ‘Lost on You’ is performed by the American performer LP or Lora Percolitski.

Laura is a rather famous composer who collaborated with Rihanna and Christina Aguilera, but as a performer is known little. Laura released four albums, but only the latter aroused the interest of the listeners. This song was taken from it, which has become very popular in many European countries, but not in the USA.

What kind of song from advertising intimissimi 2018?

The store of women’s linen, swimsuits and other things have good advertising. Such a video is unlikely to forget. The composition has a beautiful video. The song is performed by an American singer, a quarter of the Sicilian and half of Neapolitan. She writes songs for such stars as Rihanna, Agilera, Cher. Her name is Laura Percolitszi, but usually her name is two title letters, this is her pseudonym.

Contractor and the name of the song:

What kind of song from advertising intimissimi 2018?

The completely inexpressive advertising of the brand of women’s linen is really saved only by the musical composition used in this commercial. Sounds the song ‘Lost on You’ performed by the singer and the author of songs from the USA (Italian by nationality) – LP (Laura Pergolitszi).

Many users were interested in a small passage of a wonderful composition that sounds in the intimissimi advertising. Who sings this piercing song?

So, the song from this advertising video is performed by the American singer Laura Pergolizzi, better known in the musical world under the pseudonym ‘LP’. The song itself is called ‘Lost on You’.

You can see the video clip and listen to the song on YouTube.

What kind of song from advertising intimissimi 2018?

In this advertisement for female underwear from the brand ‘intimissimi’ to promote the new direction ‘Inside and Out’, the company’s face was chosen by the Italian fashionist Kyara Ferranya.

The song for advertising was recorded by the performer LP, the name of the song-

What kind of song from advertising intimissimi 2018?

The song was written in 2016, its authors-

What kind of song from advertising intimissimi 2018?

I bring the lyrics (in English):

What kind of song from advertising intimissimi 2018?

A simple and laconic advertising video ‘Intimissimi’ vividly complemented the work of the American singer Laura Percolitszi in particular her work ‘Lost on You’. The song about love conquered the hearts of many has become very popular in many European countries.

In the new advertising ‘Intimissimi’, the song of the famous American pop performer is used: Laura Percolitszi, is also known as LP.

What kind of song from advertising intimissimi 2018?

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