What kind of unknown number is calling Viber? Who is this? You can answer?

On Weiber, such calls began to come more of10. Previously, it was with the help of this messenger that they did not bother, usually they called on a normal connection. I almost never picked up the ph1. Calls have become more frequent now and through Vaiber.

What kind of unknown number is calling Viber? Who is this? You can answer?

They continue to periodically call me on Viber from an unknown number (numbers?). Moreover, I reject the call, but the caller persistently repeats him. And so five times.

Once nevertheless accepted the call, but in response there was silence. As a result, she no longer took the pipe.

Perhaps I was called different people from different numbers displayed as Privat Number. Moreover, they call not only unknown numbers. There are also many mobile (certain) numbers, urban numbers with prefix +7495 in the call list.

In any case, I will not answer such calls anymore. I do not think that calling people want to inform me of the multimillion -dollar inheritance from my uncle from South Africa.

What kind of unknown number is calling Viber? Who is this? You can answer?

I do not advise picked up, especially since the phone number was not determined. As soon as scammers do not find ways for their dark things. By answering a call in Viber from an unfamiliar number, you risk being left without balance, and perhaps personal information from the phone will go left. So do not answer calls from hidden numbers and open messages from unknown.

Indeed, calls from indefinite numbers can come in the Vaiber messenger. This should be alert right away, because clearly in this way they call with unkind intentions.

I also received this kind of calls, I answered one, at the other end they dropped the ph1.

But they can call with the aim of imposing any banking services, loans, cashholes and the like, can also impose other advertising proposals.

I advise you not to respond to calls from vague numbers not only in Viber, but also other messengers.

This does not mean at all that the number is classified to maintain incognito. People write that this is often displayed, but not always, calls from large companies that have their own internal telephone network. This is when you need to dial an additional number to get to a specific department or to an employee. And sometimes calls from delivery couriers are displayed like this – if they called on the usual phone, we would see the main number of the company, although the courier calls from the mobile through the network of the company. And people also write that this is not spam or cold advertising call, and not scammers. So you can answer. Spam and scammers did not hide the room in my wiber. I didn’t receive such calls with Private_number – I use Vaiber very little. I mainly use another messenger.

In general, when unknown numbers call you, even if not from a hidden number on Vaiber, this causes suspicion. All the same, this is not such a common messenger that they can simply make a mistake with a number or offer any services.

However, it really happens that they call from a hidden number. It is obvious that scammers call it and take the pipe, because why hide your number. I read several reviews that those who took tubes from such numbers write that they talked about interference in their bank account and asked for details for payment.

It is clear that this is stupidity so I can say with confidence that if you are called from unknown numbers to Vaiba, you should not take the ph1.

Many are scared by telephone scammers and not in vain. There are many stories when they bred people on the phone, and the person gave his money to strangers in different ways, or transferred it to them or gave all the data of his cards and accounts.

But they were mainly very elderly people.

I think you should always find out who is calling. Answer the ph1.

This will not do much harm, unless, of course, a person himself in a sober mind and solid memory.

But find out who it is and what it wants is worth it.

And then either continue communication or complain to spam.

I know people who never answer calls from hidden numbers. It was previously believed that the incoming call to the mobile can be paid for you, usually these were numbers of four digits. If they call the messenger, then for this call in any way the board can not write off you, because the call does not pass through the cellular network, but on the Internet, so scared from this point of view that when the response to the call from unfamiliar and hidden numbers (In Viber, hidden numbers are displayed as a “private number” in the Russian version and as “Private Number” in English) will not take money from you, you should not.

It is well known that only fraudsters who are representatives of banks, collectors and the like can hide their number, and ordinary users do not have such a function in Viber as “hide the number”, but it is in business accounts, the service (presumably) is called “anti)Call ID “. You can hide your number in Viber only in the community, but not when calling.

The conclusion is simple: do not accept calls from hidden numbers, so as not to fall for divorce. And if you are often called from such numbers, then in the Viber settings set the function “Protection from extra calls”.

In principle, everyone can call from a hidden number. This should be alarming. Because an honest person has nothing to hide. And the number is usually hidden by representatives of the community who make newsletters not to you alone, but to a whole group of people with unkind intentions, for example, lure money. I once called me to supposedly warn that they take a loan in my name, I wanted to complain about scammers, and the number is hidden. Also, a call to Vaiber or to any other messenger or on a social network must immediately be dropped, but it is better to put a check from the hidden numbers in the phone settings (they are in the call section). This can be done without even installing additional software.

Technologies do not stand still and the further, the more scammers appear. I would not recommend answering such calls from the unknown. Although he himself repeatedly answered, and in response silence, it is not clear what it is connected with and for what purpose such a call comes. And sometimes messages come from the same number as mine, only the difference in one figure.

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