What mainland is Morocco on?

Morocco – one of the oldest states in Africa. This kingdom is located in the north-west of the continent and borders on the territories of Western Sahara (which, by the way, like Palestinian territories, is not a state) and Algeria. The country is elongated along the Atlantic Ocean and has several ports: Casablanca (city millionaire and former capital), Safi and Agadir. Also near the sea is the modern capital of Morocco – Rabat. From the north, the country washed the Mediterranean Sea, but Morocco has no ports. But Spain has: there are two Spanish autonomous Poluanclaw cities on the coast: Seuta and Mellya. Seuta is located just opposite the Gibraltar Strait, separating two continents – Africa and Eurasia and two countries – Morocco and Spain.

The country under the non -optimistic name of Morocco is most known in Russia, then beautiful Moroccan tangerines are taken from it, as well as the fact that the popular Brazilian series ‘clone’ took place in this country. This state is located on the very edge of the African continent, in its northwestern part and from the north rests against the famous Gibraltar Strait, behind which Spain is already Spain. This part of the country is most picturesque and most of the cities are concentrated here – Rabat, the famous Casablanca and Fes. The Atlas mountains on which the Atlanteans supported the sky are also located here. In the south and southeast, Morocco turns into a regular desert and boundaries with Algeria and Western Sahara pass along it.

The Kingdom of Morocco is on the African continent. This is a Muslim country, for more than a thousand years living according to the laws of the Qur’an. There are several interesting cities for a tourist in Morocco -Marrakesh, Fes, Angadir (resort zone), Casablanca (also a resort zone and a business center). In every city there is Medina -this is an old city.

There are many Morocco programs, for example, a Morocco video tour – http: // www.YouTube.COM/Watch?v = wdbfievjk8u

As well as films and TV shows, for example, the Brazilian-African series Klon. Morocco is interesting in that this is not a typical Africa with juicy jungle and African tribes. Morocco is primarily deserts and eastern flavor.

What kind of geography lesson Semyon Rusakov taught us, well, how after that he will not fall in love with this distant and exotic country. I really want to walk along the coast of the Atlantic and Mediterranean and plunge in their warm waters. And I also remember from childhood the most aromatic and delicious oranges with a label – a rhombus ‘Moroc’. Only from Morocco the real oranges. And the Moroccan state itself is on a large continent called ‘Africa’.

Morocco or Kingdom of Morocco is a country that is located in North Africa . This country is washed with the West by the Atlantic Ocean, and from the north – the Mediterranean Sea, the Gibraltar Strait separates this country from the European state – Spain . Morocco borders on land with Western sugar and Algeria . From all of the above, we can conclude that there is Morocco on the territory of the mainland with the name AFRICA .

What mainland is Morocco on?

The Kingdom of Morocco belongs to the countries of Maghreb with Algeria, Tunisia, Western Sahara, Mauritania and Libya. In fact, all these states, together with Egypt, which is not included in the countries of Maghriba (remember about the evil Maghriba Calun?) and make up North Africa. So the answer is the kingdom of Morocco – part of North Africa and nothing else.

Morocco is located in the Far North-West of the African continent, washed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and partially the Mediterranean Sea, borders with Algeria in the east, in the south with Western sugar, there are several hundred meters of border with Mauritania in the southeast, in the southeast.

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