What natural conditions are necessary for the development of gumming breeding in the Volga region?

The Volga region is a very favorable region for growing melons. For this, in the region there are almost all the necessary conditions. So, a distinctive feature of the melon cultures of the Volga region are: thermophilicism and abundance of sunlight. It is known that the seeds of watermelon and melon germinate at a temperature of +14-16 degrees, and pumpkin at a temperature of +13 degrees. Moreover, with a decrease in temperature to +12 degrees, the development of melting melons is delayed. The temperature below +10 degrees is considered destructive for most melons.

At the same time, the melons are quite drought -resistant due to the moss root system and dissected, covered, hairs, leaves.

Thus, melon cultures need: a long -term non -hubby period, light soils, a lot of sunlight, space for the development of lashes and leaves, soil moisture and dry air.

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