What organisms that make up forest biogeocenosis are autotrophs?

Let us recall that autotrophs are sometimes also called manufacturers: they form the basis of the food chain in each ecosystem, providing other living organisms with the energy necessary for their existence.

Since almost all plants include autotrophs in order to answer the question asked, you just need to list those plants that make up forest biocenosis. You can walk along the tiers:

  • The highest trees: ate, pines, birch, aspen, oaks.
  • Trees of the second tier: mountain ash, bird cherry, maples, wild apple trees.
  • Polter: juniper, hazel, raspberries.
  • Tall herbs: lupine, boil.
  • Low herbs: dandelions, lingonberries, sour, mokritsa.
  • Mosses.


Nuance: Pay attention, mushrooms belong to the kingdom of mushrooms and are heterotrophs because they decompose and consume nutrients from the soil. In addition, mushrooms are not able to produce their own energy using photosynthesis.

The only organisms that can independently produce nutrients (autotrophs) are plants.

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