What peoples inhabit the European North?

Europe is part of the mainland of Eurasia, which is the mainland of the northern hemisphere of the planet. Its territory starts from the northern worship. Therefore, the territories of many states are closely located near the northern latitudes.

Such states include Scandinavian countries: Norway, Finland, Sweden, Iceland and Russia.

The original northerners are traditionally people with bright skin, blue or gray eyes, restrained temperament.

To the peoples who are considered northern belong: Norwegians, Sami, Chukchi, Swedes, Karelians, Karelo-Finns, Eskimos, Nanai, etc.D. There are hundreds of such large and small nationalities.

The northern peoples have their own national languages, literacy. The features of the clothing and culture of the northern peoples provide climatic conditions for their residence.

What peoples inhabit the European North?

If we talk about the north of the European part of our vast country, then it is worth mentioning such regions of the Russian Federation as the Murmansk region, the Arkhangelsk region, the Vologda region, the Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Karelia and the Komi Republic.What peoples inhabit the European North?

Norwegians, Saams, Finns, Swedes, Icelanders, Russians inhabit.

Icelanders, Swedes.

Norwegian peoples: Norwegians, Sama, Kven.

Denmark peoples: Danes, Farres, Friza.

The peoples of Finland: Finns, Estonians.

The peoples of the North of the European part of Russia: Russians, Karelians, Vepsi, Komi, Nenets.

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