What proposals to make with the word hare?

The hare of an interesting beast, in the summer gray, and in winter white.In winter, you can go next to the bush under which the hare will lie and not notice it.

Without a ticket passenger in public transport, the people call a hare.

In the first snow, hunters like to walk to hunt a hare.

The hare can give such a strap that he was only seen here, and he is already on the other end of the field.

The hare of a very shy beast is afraid of wolves and foxes, and also dogs and hunters.

In winter, the hare in the snow is almost innocent in its fluffy white coat.

Only the hare can leave such confusing traces in the snow.

The hare has very long ears and fast legs, which save him from the chase.

The hare is usually gray, and in winter changes his fur coat to the white.

The hare loves carrots and cabbage, and he also eats trees cortex in winter.

The hare, seeing the approaching wolf, set off the lie with all the agility.

Vanya turned out to be very nice in the figure, only for some reason pink.

In the kindergarten for the New Year, Petya was in a hare suit, and Masha in a Snowflake suit.

What proposals to make with the word hare?


  1. Yesterday we saw a hare in the forest, he fled so quickly that it was impossible to consider him.
  2. In winter, the hare becomes white, like snow, and in the summer again gray.
  3. Hares run very quickly, especially when they feel the danger.
  4. Kolobok was the first to meet a hare in the forest.
  5. Nowadays, ‘hares’ in public transport is becoming smaller and less.
  6. A hare cannot be kept in captivity, he needs a scope for survival.
  7. My daughter’s favorite cartoon is a cartoon ‘Girl and Hares’.
  8. Hare – Hero of many folk tales, cartoons, fables. (for example, a ‘bag of apples’, ‘fox and hare’)
  9. Only hares, hedgehogs and foxes are found in our area.

The hare sat under the bush and chewed green grass peacefully.

In winter, the hare merges with white snow and not to notice his predators is not so easy.

There are many fairy tales where the main character is – hare.

Today, we were in the forest and saw a gray hare, he ran past us.

Children made an application in the kindergarten: a hare under a Christmas tree.

The hare is very similar to another pets, namely with a rabbit, they have a lot in common.

The gray hare crept up to the tree and began to bite the young bark near the tree.

A cap with the image of a hare was dressed on the baby.

The hare is constantly hiding and runs away, if he does not do this, he will not live for a long time.


  1. Once we knocked the hare by car, and he bent it to us.
  2. Who calls his husband Zayets?
  3. Grandmother at the dacha Zaets trampled the beds.
  4. In the forest, near the village live both hares and wolves.
  5. “You will be a bunker,” said Tamara Petrovna Gleb when she distributed her roles on the New Year’s matinee.
  6. The expression ‘cowardly, like a triper Zaets’ is like?

1) The hare ran at the edge near a small Christmas tree.

2) the hare was white, so in the snow we did not immediately notice it.

3) We caught a hare and brought it home.

4) We bandaged the foot of the hare.

5) The hare loved to eat food from hands.

6) The hare was not afraid of people.

7) The hare looked at people in fright, twitching one ear.

In Russian folk tales, the hare is more cunning than foxes. “Again a hare”, ”the controller grumbled indignantly, planting the next freezer. Running hare is shown on the gas tank of motorcycles ‘Voskhod’. The hare of the hak was heart -reckoning. Her favorite toy in childhood was a small rag hare.

The hare jumped out of the forest, and the stupid ran across the field.

The hare noticed the approaching wolf in time and lurked.

The hare runs so quickly that it is very difficult to catch him.

Alice was very surprised to see a hare in a hat and with a clock.

Seeing the hooligans, I ran from them, like a hare from hungry wolves.

Hare – the beast is very nimble.

How is the hare different from the rabbit?

Why is a hare long ears?

He was fleeing the danger like a hare.

There are hares old, there are hares gray, and you are what color, that you are going without a ticket?

The hare of the hare is discord, the other is not afraid of anything.

And you are like a cowardly hare..

One hare sits with him now and wheezes, and the other..

He met a red -haired hare with hanging ears – apparently the ancestor of our

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