What Rus received as a result of victory over the Greeks (grade 4)?

Having defeated the Greeks (which were called by the Byzantines at that time) in 907, Rus’ received a lot. The most significant is religion (Orthodoxy and the possibility of baptism), Byzantine icon painting and the possibility of duty -free trade with Constantinople. A trade agreement favorable for Rus’ was signed. The Greeks also pledged to repair Russian ships at their own expense.What Rus received as a result of victory over the Greeks (grade 4)?

In that very distant period of history, Russian statehood did not yet exist and the main benefit from military campaigns, in other words, the rans of the ransom, as well as trade and military cooperation between winners and defeated. Russian rati several times disturbed Greek Byzantium with their raids, for the most part successful and forced the Greeks to accept the terms of contracts favorable for Rus’.

The Russians received a ransom, received the right of duty -free trade, received allies, who, however, strove to use the power of Russian Ratty against their enemies.

Also, the direct consequence of the military campaigns of the early 10th century was the cultural expansion of Greek culture on Rus’., which led to the adoption of Christianity and the development of culture and art.

Prince Oleg took from Leo a philosopher, Vizyntine emperor and his brother Alexander Twelve Hryvnias

What Rus received as a result of victory over the Greeks (grade 4)?

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What Rus received as a result of victory over the Greeks (grade 4)?

As a result of victory, the Russian principality was enriched and frightened by external enemies, showing the power and courage of the Russian soldiers. The important result of the war of 907, the Russian principality strengthened the external borders.

Oleg also concluded an agreement that allowed Russian merchants to trade and and speaking a modern ulcer trade was carried out on preferential conditions.

In the picture you can read that Rus received after the victory. And later in 944, Rus’ had to take his demands back, because Prince Igor lost.

And even later, Rus’ signed an agreement that could not, if you follow the conditions, to attack the Visintic state. So Oleg’s victory was of great importance to Rus’.

What Rus received as a result of victory over the Greeks (grade 4)?

Rus’ won local victories over Byzantium several times. The results were political and economic concessions from the Greeks. Rus’ was one of the most interested parties in the trading route from Varangians to Greeks, therefore even the most daring princes did not dare to talk about unconditional surrender of Constantinople – too many resources needed to control the distant colony, and all the contacts of Byzantium with the states of the East could be lost. I would even call it a medieval example of diplomacy. Crusaders defeated the Greeks in the 13th century. After that, Rus’ gained independence of the church and lost an ally.

According to literary reading for the fourth grade in the publishing house of education in authorship f. Klimanova, c. G. Goretsky and others.Rus’ received a tribute from the Greeks for two thousand ships, twelve hryvnias per person, and in every forty husbands. As well as a tribute for Russian cities of Polotsk, Rostov, Lyubich, Kyiv Chernigov . And also the Greek kings asked Oleg so that he would not fight on Greek land and promise to pay tribute.

In 907, the Russian-Byzantine war was held, the legendary campaign of Prince Oleg on Constantinople. This event is reflected in the annals ‘Tale of Bygone Years’. The result of the war was a peace treaty according to which the Rusichs who came to the city were on the maintenance of the Byzantine authorities and did not pay duties. A constant tribute was imposed on Byzantium, Oleg received 12 hryvnias from each fighter, the Greeks gave the Rus ships, and we im-zoloto and fur. In other words, it was almost mutually beneficial trade. Oleg himself after the victory was called prophetic.

Greeks are generally a very peaceful people who have always been bought off from warlike states and wine. Prince Oleg received a lot of good from the Greeks, and 12 hryvnias for each fighter, and there were a lot of fighters and 12 hryvnias were also a lot of money in the meantime. Also received the right to ensure that the merchants sell in Constantinople (now Istanbul) without taxes. When Prince Oleg returned to Kyiv with obtained wealth, the people called him prophetic Oleg.

As a result of the victory over the Greeks in 907. A trade agreement was signed on very favorable terms for Rus’: Russian merchants received the right to duty -free trade in Constantinople, they could live half a year in the capital’s suburbs in the monastery of St. Mammoth, receive food and repair their roles at the expense of the Byzantine side. Rus also received baptism, Orthodox religion, Byzantine icon painting.

As a result of the victory over the Greeks in 907, Ancient Rus’ received a peace treaty. This peace treaty no longer obligated to pay Russian merchants of Byzantium duties for trading in the Byzantium;Ancient Rus’ received a huge amount of gold, for example, Byzantium paid 12 hryvnias for each Russian warrior;Byzantium transferred the property of Ancient Rus’ a huge number of ships and weapons.

As a result of the victory over the Greeks, Rus’ received an Orthodox religion, Byzantine icon painting and even fashion. Rus began to trade with them: we are gold and fur products to them. And they are ships for us. True, at that time the Greeks were the Byzantines.

In 907, Oleg went to Constantinople and won. The events of the Russian-Byzantine war of 907 are fully reflected in the Nestor of the chronicle in his ‘Tale of Bygone Years’. As a result, Oleg with Constantinople concludes a peaceful contract very profitable for Rus’. Trade began to improve and Russian merchants began to trade without paying taxes and fees. The Greeks supplied us with ships, and we – fur products and gold to them.

What Rus received as a result of victory over the Greeks (grade 4)?

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