What to answer the phrase – ‘I want you!’?

Of course, a lot depends on who says this phrase, a familiar, beloved or stranger.

Reply to the phrase: ‘I want you’ can be like this:

  • It is not harmful to want, it is harmful not to want
  • I also want a lot of things, but I’m silent. So you want silently.
  • I’m happy for you
  • And how I want you!!!
  • On, take it (at that moment we open your hands).
  • What is right here?
  • Everyone wants, but I’m not tasty.
  • Good desire, but not mutual.
  • Yes, I want myself!!!
  • I can record you for May next year.
  • Drive bald and everything will pass.
  • I can not help you.
  • Talk less, work more.
  • What a joy, eat a pie.
  • Do you want to get it now.
  • There are many who want, but I am alone, at least get torn.

It happens that they write ‘want you’ according to SMS.

If you need to dump the guy, then we write the answer:

  • ‘Come, I’m just lubricating the strap for you’.

Although it may happen that the guy will only be happy for such a proposal.

The answer to the phrase ‘I want you’ depends primarily on what exactly this asks. Maybe a person simply hesitated and did not finish what he wanted to say, for example, ‘I want you… Ask or ‘I want you… To warn ‘do not mean at all, with a long pause between the main phrase and the last word that they want you in a sexual sense. Therefore, it is advisable to clarify what exactly a person wants, for example, by a calm look adding: ‘ask’ or ‘warn’? If you mean, as if sexual desire, then this will essentially be a proposal to the questioner to confirm his words. It won’t be superfluous 🙂

I can only reason from a male point of view.

Options are:

If a woman tells me this, I will appreciate her pretty, if it is quite – answer: ‘We go!’,

If not at my taste or at an incompetent age, I will say anything or twist my finger at the temple

If a man says, I evaluate not cuteness, but a danger

If I see that I can handle it – I beat the face, if I lose exactly – it is better to run away, from sin.

What to say in response to ‘I want you’? A phrase with a characteristic such bias, here you need to take into account, and who exactly says it. It is clear that it would be nice to answer with humor. If the wife asks, then phrases are suitable: ‘Well, I don’t know… Something my head hurts’, ‘no, dear, then we cannot afford a ring with a’ belly!’, “What a day, imagine – the neighbor said the same thing to me. What is it for?’. The last phrase, of course, is “on the verge”, although the first is also an indicator – the wife will appreciate, then she has good humor.

What are we saying in such cases:

  • Yes, you only ‘want’ and you can (break off);
  • Well, submit an application, there will be a free time – I will consider (put in place);
  • Here, dear man, there are many such “Wishlings’, if you agree with everyone, then the bed, you know, may not withstand (we fill up the price);
  • which you are not modern, in our time you need to want a representative of the not opposite, but your gender.

You can laugh it off such phrases, or you can answer romantically, depending on what you want from this situation.

So, I offer the following phrases:

1) I hope not to eat.

2) I want me.

3) wipe saliva.

4) you are not the only 1.

5) good desire, but not real.

6) Wishlist has not grown.

7) Roll your Wishlist.

8) Wishlist will pull.

9) And I don’t.

10) You are not the only one, continue to want in silence.

11) surprised / not surprised.

12) The main thing is that your desire does not turn into something more.

13) First you want yourself, and then look at others.

14) Mutual.

15) Show when you meet how much.

16) And what should I do with this information?

17) I would be glad if Bret Pit told me, and so, I will take into account.

1 If you want a lot, you can fly into space.

2 And the Wishlist will not break?

3 I want to go through.

4 want, this is not harmful, I also want a lot.

5 something quickly, your Wishlist grew up.

6 I began to walk softly, but you rolled my lips like that.

‘In what capacity, as ice cream? ‘:) What to answer the phrase – ‘I want you!’?

Not every person heard the phrase ‘I want you’. Nevertheless, if you still heard it, then the answers can be different, depending on the consequences that you count on.

For example:

  • Unfortunately I can’t tell you the same.
  • I can’t reciprocate.
  • Something for you is not noticeable.
  • You didn’t even invite me to the restaurant to say that.
  • I would not want to upset you, but you won’t succeed.
  • To want, you need to do something.
  • One desire is not always enough.
  • I’ll think about your proposal.
  • This is an interesting proposal, I propose to discuss it in more detail behind a cup of hot cocoa.

To the phrase – ‘I want you!’, you can answer with the following words:

  • Alas, not all desires come true baby.
  • What are you ready for to realize your desires to life?
  • I guess about it, but sometimes one desire is not enough.

You can answer, ‘Well, finally, you can’t slow down like that’.

Or ‘and this is correct’, or ‘I understand you’.

You can answer ‘not you alone’, well, or ‘not you are one’.

Another option, ‘this is logical, I’m really very attractive’ (well, or attractive).

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