What to answer to ‘Welcome’?

Usually ‘welcome!’It happens on signs and signs in such institutions, such as

schools, restaurants, shops, hairdressers, etc.D. But sometimes they meet with such words and

at home, such as expensive and long -awaited guests.

But in any case, on the ‘Welcome!’, which means:’ Hello! Come on!’

You should answer ‘THANK YOU!’ and then go ahead or go into the room.

So boldly answer ‘thank you’, and then according to the script).

What to answer to ‘Welcome’?

You can answer the following phrases.

1) I am glad to meet everyone (with you, with such people).

2) Greetings, elite chat.

3) Hurray, finally I am one of you.

4) And you don’t get sick.

5) I am very happy here, to be.

6) Thank you.

7) My respect to you all.

8) Great news, I am glad to everyone and everyone hug.

In general, the most standard answer to the phrase ‘Welcome!’Banal thank you!’. Well, if you are closely familiar with the welcome, then you can say ‘thank you’. And if this is some kind of official situation, then, based on the situation, you can simply say hello in response.

You can answer with warm, pleasant words, praise a place, people.

Examples of answers:

  • And we are also happy;
  • And you are the welcome guest with us too, come;
  • How great that you meet;
  • We are glad to meet;
  • It’s good that we met;
  • wonderful place;
  • Thank you for your hospitality;
  • Great team, thank you for the meeting!
  • We have been waiting for this meeting for a long time and are glad to use your hospitality will be happy to repay the same.
  • We are happy that fate brought us;
  • It is wonderful that we happened to meet, you are great owners.
  • Thank you for the warm hospitality, you are very pleasant people and we will be happy to spend this time with you.

You can answer with the following phrases:

‘Similarly’, ‘Thank you, very nice’, ‘I didn’t expect you to hear that,’ thanks, I will definitely use your invitation ‘,’ Cool ‘,’ I will answer the same ‘,’ I am very glad ‘,’ certainly ‘,’ certainly ‘“Many thanks”, “I am very grateful”, ‘with pleasure’, ‘unexpectedly, however’, ‘super’, ‘Mercy’, ‘You are so hospitable’, ‘Then I invite you to me’, ‘I also wait for you’, “I can’t express my gratitude with words”, “How nice to hear from you”, ‘finally’, ‘I will be with you in a couple of hours,’ Wait, I’ll drive up soon, “unexpectedly, but very nice””Really waited”.

You can answer the following: thank you very much, I am very pleased, I’m glad to such a greeting, you are very polite, thank you for this, hello everyone, thank you for this attitude towards me, and so on. The main thing to show a little fantasy, and answer with some originality. Then you will definitely appreciate you.

If this phrase is written somewhere and you are not met, then you don’t need to answer something. If you are met with such a sign, then, going up to those who meet, say hello to them, saying banal: ‘Good Morning/Day/Evening’ or ‘Hello’. You can thank, but it will be just a formality, because if they meet it like that, then you deserve it. Completely different, when households or guests show you their feelings, and you have a birthday, for example. There is no way to do without ‘thank you’, and it is necessary to add warm words, it seems – I didn’t expect it, it’s so nice to me, I appreciate your efforts and something like that.

There is no need to come up with something special in response to ‘Welcome’. We are glad to see you – this is quite enough to feel in this setting comfortable and comfortable. You can keep silent, say hello, thank or shake your hands if you meet friends at this time.

And it doesn’t matter in which this phrase was uttered in the guest of friends or relatives, at a solemn reception, or at an official event.

Depending on where to “welcome”. I think we must answer in most cases ‘Hello’. Welcome this, as it were, hello, usually welcome say:

  1. In restaurants.
  2. In shops.
  3. If you are a businessman or you have your own bisex, for example, a factory and another. (They say when you enter your business)

A good question, the answer to it is useful to know to many, because few can answer mutual greetings and friendliness to another person. The simplest thing that you can answer to ‘Welcome’ is:

  1. Thank you.
  2. I granted good.
  3. Hello.
  4. Good afternoon/ evening
  5. Thank you for a warm welcome.

Welcome, this is not a question, this is an invitation somewhere.

To answer something is not necessarily d1.

But in general, there is enough word ‘thank you’.

If you need a certain original answer, you can answer ‘And you are the same’, or ‘whok you’.

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