What to do if borsch was overlapping?

If I transplant borsch, then just add water. And if the borscht at the same time turns out to be too liquid and not welded (strong overclock), then I do the grip again with the cabbage. You need to do everything quickly so that the borsch does not lose color and does not boil hard. I remove a pan from the fire, boil water (to add), quickly make a roasting, add water and frying and to a cooling plate so that the soup has ‘reaches’.

The perenil is generally cleaned easily.

But do you need it?

Potatoes are very good at sucking excess salt in food. Just need to put more potatoes more.

Rice reduces the amount of salt in soups and other dishes well.

But you can’t put rice in borscht, so the optimal option for you is potatoes.

Excess salts (in any soup) are simply removed: it is necessary to tie 1/2 cup of dry rice in a clean bag or with a gauze (not tight) and put in a crossed soup (borsch). Cook and remove (30 minutes).

Pierced borsch or any other soup, it does not matter everything can be fixed! If possible and allows the volume of the pan, you can simply add more water and bring to a boil. Or another option – potatoes! If borsch/soup turned out not very thick, then you can poke a couple more potatoes or throw whole or half potatoes into a saucepan, the potato absorbs excess salt and your borscht is saved.

What to do if borsch was overlapping?

It is easy to cope with this task again. Just drain part of the broth with a ladle. After which Boeyotet water and add ‘to taste’. The main thing is that the water is boiled, preferably even hot boiling water from the teapot.

I am a crossed struggle or save any other soup only by adding still water to it. If the struggle is strongly overlooked, then I add more vegetables, quickly frying them, or I take the gauze I put it on top of the pan and drain the water a little from the struck. Thus, all the density remains in the pan. Then I add more boiled water, the struggle is not liquid and not at least. But it is better to do so only in extreme, pathic cases.

If the borsch turned out to be overlooked, it’s okay. The main thing is to notice it in time. Then you can act.

  1. Add a whole peeled potatoes (2-3 pcs.) and boil, then remove this potato from borscht.
  2. Place several spoons of rice in the gauze bag and boil, then also remove it from borscht.

Rice – perfectly absorbs salt, so you can boil a little of this cereal in a crossed borsch, wrapping it in a bag, and it is better to take the finished packaged rice and lower it into a pan with soup. So you get both the first and second dish (with an unusual burgundy shade).

If the soup is overlooked, I see one way out – add water and increase the number of vegetables in its composition. That is, it turns out that we will increase the output of the soup. About the fact that the rice absorbs excess salt, read, only it was not necessary to experience it in action.

If there is no way to add water to the soup, then you can clean a couple of potatoes and lower them into borscht. After a few minutes of cooking, the potato will take part. You can also use rice, which is also remarkably incorporates salt.

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