What to do if the liquid transparent as water flows from the vagina?

I had this only at a long gestation (37-38 weeks) when the amniotic fluid leaks, but I think this is clearly not your case.

It seems to me that there may be several options:

  1. Perhaps this is just urinary incontinence (which, believe me, is not so scary and easy to correct with the help of Kegel exercises);
  2. An inflammatory process, but here only a doctor will be able to make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe treatment;
  3. God forbid, but you can assume some kind of cyst from which the liquid flows. Here, too, you need a consultation of a doctor and ultrasound.

In any case, I advise you to make sure that this liquid exactly flows out of the vagina, not urethra, try to put a rag diaper and observe the situation. Something else bothers you? Pain, template, burning?

Transparent liquid is the first sign of the disease caused by a viral infection. Trichomonosis is called by the triper, an insidious disease. It is transmitted quickly, not noticeable and often carriers do not contact doctors on time, or do not notice the signs. The earlier to go to the hospital to the venereologist, the more chances to recover completely, otherwise the disease is simply healed and periodically makes itself felt. People with healed trichomoniasis are constant carriers of the virus, although the signs themselves will not be visible. It is because of such insidious diseases that they advise to have relations on an ongoing basis with only one partner, and not to change them often, like gloves.

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