What verbs end in -uing?

Verbs ending in -with the 1st conjugation. But very often they pronounce and write not to ‘sow’, ‘hang’, but ‘sei/eat’, ‘vests’ and so on. Then it is mistakenly believe that these are the verbs of the 2nd conjugation, and in personal endings instead of ET, IT, yat appear.

There is one good technique that allows you to remember which verbs end in -. This word-assistant Solder, in which the letter I am stressed.

Write everything like solder

CeItIand cherishIt,

ThatIt, laIt, haIBleuIt,

ChuIt, kaIto doIt

And NadiaIand reIt,

MaIbut notIcome.

This group can also include the verb “Bait ‘rarely used now.

In this small poem, there is no verb “glue”, which is sometimes mistakenly attributed to the 1st declension: instead of “glues”, glue ”you can see the spelling ‘glues’, ‘glue’.

In writing unstressed personal endings of verbs, we turn, as a rule, to its initial form – the infinitive. By what the infinitive ends, in -t, -the, -t, -t, -ch, we determine the conjugation of the verb and then we will be able to make the right choice in writing personal endings. Especially you should pay attention to Verbs, who end in -yat, The vowel in which is unstressed and then you can doubt:

sow, sow or sow?

There are verbs in this list on -on -smans:

sow, hang, cut, hare, smack, bleat, melt, despair, repent, bark, start, cure. These are all the verbs of the first conjugation, so

Dog LAe, He is Chue, The boy is backe, The wind vee, We are NadiaeatXia, the snow ise, And the flag of ree.

Recently collided with these verbs in the assignment for grade 4 with a child..

What is the most interesting, in the textbook, in the rules, not a word about this completion.

It is written that the verbs in an indefinite form on-on, except for 2 exceptions, belong to the 2nd conjugation.

Verbs -to -ethno, ot from rushing to 1 conjugation (there are exceptions).

And only thanks to other sources, it was possible to find out that Verbs on -with 1 conjugation.

Examples: sow, hang, smell, melt, bark.

What verbs end in -uing?

Verbs on ‘-the’ that I will list by putting them all in an indefinite form:

Sculp, barking, stealing, steaming, dispel, to scatter, sow, laugh, cut, take, take, shout, remove, beg, encourage, relax, plow, bit, aggravate, dilute, energize, congratulate, direct, refuel, straighten it, setto correct, send, force, insert, put, substitute, deliver, leave, arrange, compose, chewed, compare, sobering, inspire, surprise, wound, heal, bless, take up, inspire, manufacture, identify, delay, show.

Remove, accept, take away, hang, to smell, bark, sow, repent, stand, cherish, hope, lose, change, change, take, take, hawk, chap, to shine, harden, temper, harden, crumbs, crumb

In the Russian language, there are a lot of verbs that ends in -. For example: walk, fulfill, lose, understand, take, take, take, raise, take, change, influence, cough, stand, check, check, determine, stand, present, compose, consist, leave, shoot, congratulate, hug, explain, explain, explain, explainRepeat, lose, implement, practice, apply, execute, preserve, manage, shine, trust, provide, declare, allocate, separate, assure, and adopt.

Verbs that end in “yat” are represented in Russian in a wide variety, and as an example to you, I would like to bring the following verbs: burden, provide, declare, preserve, hobble, hariting, changing, hanging, sitting, making, compiletake. 

Hug, embrace, cause, understand, foam, bark, sow, hang, captivate, euthanize, rest, hire, hire, smash, mix, steal, seize, hobble, surprise, catch up, attach, shoulder, burden, impress, shoot, stink, stink, stink.shine, walk, crush, catch up.

Some of these verbs:

To feel, take, throw, rally, trump, tease, rebuild, encourage, fool, focus, check, personify, satisfy, fertilize, implement, expand, certify.

Well, and for some reason the most pleasant verb was not mentioned. Pull and hug.

Pantomic pain from removing the letter ‘. I am not a fan of thoughtless orientation of all Buv and immediately.But … There’s something about it.

For me personally, this is a sobriety sign. How a schoolgirl wrote on a poster… From Ilov, the sobriety can be made ‘, according to the rules of reduction, the first and last letter. By applying a soft sign on T. In principle, in the yat according to this principle, probably all verbs on the letter T are hidden.

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