What you need to know the first aid?

You need to know the legal basis for first aid and what kind of help, where it begins and where it ends. It is necessary to at least approximately understand what traumatic factors can be (if any) and how to stop their impact. You need to remember and know about ensuring your own security. You need to know the algorithm of actions, be able to organize the crowd that gathered nearby. You need to remember the correctness, expediency and speed of actions. And be able to conduct an inspection and distinguish the conditions of a victim who is unconscious.

Resuscitation is shown only with one state unconscious – this is a clinical death. Everything. You need to be able to distinguish. Know where to probe the pulse when fainting and coma let’s say. You need to know that unprofessional rescuer is allowed to be carried out only of an indirect heart massage, without artificial respiration. And it is important: the fracture of the ribs is garbage, but if in a state of clinical death you can’t quickly start resuscitation, then there is not even a chance. So ribs or still life? And many ribs break and nothing…

First aid, it is also called the first aid precisely because it is not by specialists, but people who were next to the victim and consist in eliminating the factors of pernicious influence on the victim, for example, the drowned man needs to be removed from the lungs, with bleeding, it is necessary to properly apply the tourniquet and, if necessary (it is necessarylack­pulse and breathing) of indirect heart massage and artificial respiration. In addition, it is very important (for the arrived medical personnel) to record all the details of the behavior, the time of loss of consciousness in the victim, the time of applying a tourniquet, and so on. Unfortunately, neither in schools nor other educational institutions teach the necessary knowledge or teach, but in very small volumes. And when the victim needs to provide first aid, as a rule, we either do not know what to do, or we do not do it right, which may be even worse (a fracture when massage of the heart or deading of the limb during long -term burning), of course, can save his life, but at the same time canAnd cripple strongly.

There is a way out – to independently study the basic methods and rules and train all relatives who know who will get into trouble next time (no one is insured) and instead of shooting the victim on a smartphone, you may be the only chance of life.

The first aid is carried out at the scene . If necessary and, if possible, stop the action of external causes, since it is clear if you do not pull the drowning from the water . not to extract him from a burning building, then there will be no one to provide first aid . And then a person without appropriate knowledge may try to ensure the fastest delivery of the victim to a medical institution and call an ambulance or random transport, but only in the position of the most safe for a person, if you are at least approximately conjured in the nature of damage or pathology . Harm, trying to save, easier than a lung, then it is impossible to justify yourself . Of course, apply a tourniquet, a pressing bandage, immobilization of a fracture of the extremities with improvised means, artificial breathing ‘mouth in mouth’ (remember about AIDS !!!) and indirect heart massage is please, and everything else, alas, wait for specially trained people .

Yes! The main thing is not to harm!!! The victim and to himself!!! And know that it is imperative to call an ambulance and make intensive care before the arrival of doctors! In some cases, it is better not to touch the victim, if there is no medical education!!!

It is necessary to visually determine the severity of the victim. If a fracture is a tire and call a doctor. If the wound is to process according to all the rules, if with bleeding, apply a tourniquet with a note about the time of application and also call an ambulance. If it does not breathe, we reanimate. With poisoning, we put it with water and cause vomiting.

You need to know first of all what happened to the victim. Then it will decide whether it is worth it to wave. Since if you do not provide first aid correctly, then this may entail criminal liability.

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