When the finico bursts?

The financial pyramid ‘finico’ that has been afloat for so long due to the growth of the Bitcoin course and the influx of new depositors were not so long left, from about one week to two months. Why so few? Formally, the scam has already occurred on June 16 when all the deposits in the Finico were transferred to FNK Wallet at the rate of 1800 rubles for 1 token (now the FNK Wallet Token course is 47 rubles)

Also recently, the Ghost in the Block ‘team published declassified transactions where it was clear that with the help of a cryptocurrency from the finico pyramid, more than 30,000,000 dollars were withdrawn, and more than three hundred million dollars. Now the Finico pyramid has passed to other CIS countries to squeeze the last of people in front. Be careful, do not get fooled by the promised over -production and also warn your relatives and friends.

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