Where in PV to find green grass for a quest for an additional pet cell?

In addition to the ways proposed by Viliant, you can also find the location of twenty green herbs by going to the site with a list of all herbs in the game Perfect World. Come in click on the desired grass and get a place where you can find it.

Link to the list.

At one time, the grass fell out of the rhinos who walk near the city of dragons (at the western gate), but for some reason they are not in the base. Maybe something has already been corrected… And also the grass fell with turtles near the same city of dragons and near the city of werewolves. Just not to walk)

Now it’s really easier to buy grass from cats (there are near a trainer in the city of dragons, with names like ‘grass/grub’ and t.P.)) or at the auction.

Green grass to perform a quest collection of green grass in Perfect World, you can get in essence in two ways:

  1. The easiest, buy it at an auction or from cats.
  2. Knock from pets. Most often, it falls out with an outlandish gold (coordinates 508 504), tapir (211 645), young deer (453,493)

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