Where is the homeland of the useful sour -milk product of kefir: Tibet or Caucasus?

Where is the homeland of the useful sour -milk product of kefir: Tibet or Caucasus?

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It is very useful and pleasant to drink a glass of kefir before going to bed. Kefir love in the post -Soviet space. Natives of the Soviet Union established the production of kefir in the United States. Came up with kefir high in the mountains. And the secret of its origin was kept secret for a long time. Locals called the kefir fungus ‘millet’.

Where is the homeland of the useful sour -milk product of kefir: Tibet or Caucasus?

The birth of kefir owes a cumenic enzyme gribe, which began to be added to cow’s milk. The composition of kefir fungus includes about two dozen components.

Homeland Kefira of the Elbrus Mountain. And they came up with a drink of Ossetians and Kabardin-Balkans.

The answer to the question is the mountains of the Caucasus.

Currently, kefir can be purchased in any, even smallest, grocery store. And before, kefir was considered a national drink and the secret of its receipt, as well as the sourdough, were inaccessible.

Kefira is considered the homeland of Kefira. It was there that the Karachais and the Balkars raised a kefir fungus and made the original kefir leaf.

So, thanks to the Caucasians, we have a healthy and delicious sour -milk drink! Moreover, kefir is drunk not only in the form of a drink, they make very tasty pastries from it! For example, the mannik pie is very tasty precisely on kefir, on it it turns out very air and soft!

Where is the homeland of the useful sour -milk product of kefir: Tibet or Caucasus?

Both proposed options involve highland areas. If we consider their kitchens, then Tibetan, unlike the Caucasian, cannot boast of special fame and diversity. On Tibet, many dishes are prepared from Yak’s meat and milk. As for sour -milk products, in the highlands of Tibeta from milk, mostly sweet yogurt ‘Shcho’ is prepared.

They do not make kefir in Tibet, this is already a Russian healthy sweet and milk product. The secret of the sourdough for kefir was kept secret for many centuries. There is even a legend according to which the recipe for the manufacture of kefir was sent by the Karachais by the Almighty.  But no matter how the highlanders hide the recipe for a invigorating drink, from the middle of the 19th century, information about it began to seep into Russia. Fortunately, Kefir has become a public product today. The correct answer is on the second line.

This year, relaxing in the North Caucasus, they brought a starter for ayran from there and now I am successfully making this useful drink, preparing it on home milk. At first glance, Ayran and Kefir are similar, but, however, these drinks differ in their composition and benefits for the body. Ayran is made from home cow or goat milk with the addition of yeast, beneficial bacteria, water and salt. Kefir is made from milk with the addition of kefir fungi to it. Unlike Ayran, Kefir has become more widespread, although the recipe for its preparation people who created it kept more than a century. Kefir strengthens immunity, reduces cholesterol, helps to reduce w8. The homeland of Kefira is the North Caucasus.

Answer to the question: Caucasus.

Where is the homeland of the useful sour -milk product of kefir: Tibet or Caucasus?

Many peoples of the world have milk drinks with excellent taste qualities. But how many milk is given by highland Tibetan yaks?

But with the peoples of the Caucasus, as they say, the Almighty himself shared the secret of the drink, granting health, longevity and strength.

Wonderful herbs grow in the Elbrus, serving on horses. After all, it was from milk of mares that the first sour -milk drink was made.

And then Kefir appeared, who won the hearts of millions of people.

Correct answer – Caucasus

In Soviet times, some workers replaced their lunch in a dining room with a glass with a half-liter bottle of kefir with a bun. Probably, almost all Russians sincerely believe that kefir has always been done in the same place where sour cream, cottage cheese. However, few mountain inhabitants owned the secret of cooking kefir.

Answer: Caucasus.

I never thought about kefir from this point of view. I remember on the border of the change of the name of our country in the nineties there was a dispute about the homeland of Yogurt, then France intervened somehow in the dispute. I also touched this topic Zadornov, though I no longer remember the details. But this is perhaps all that was about Kefir in my memory.

Returning to today’s question.

An adult generation remembers glass bottles with a wide neck and a green lid of metal foil. In the USSR, each milk drink was closed by a lid of foil of its color. Regarding the homeland of kefir, I do not want to overpower the information in my own words only with the aim of increasing the amount of the answer, the quote is appropriate for this:

Where is the homeland of the useful sour -milk product of kefir: Tibet or Caucasus?

Since most of us are familiar with geography at the school level, the answer is obvious to the mountainous areas of the Caucasus.

Where is the homeland of the useful sour -milk product of kefir: Tibet or Caucasus?

Cumen enzyme – the fungus owes a delicious kefir drink, as scientists have proved. Ossetian Muslims did not share the secret of his preparation of kefir for a very long time. They considered these fungi for nothing for the gift of Allah, it was forbidden to sell or transfer them under pain of death. In the 2nd floor. 19th century and in the beginning. 20th Caucasian kefir was known as “Burduck”. Turkic origin has the word “kefir”. It is also associated with Megrelsky Kipuri, which translates as “prepared in a fur, yogurt”. So, it is believed that kefir was invented in North Ossetia. The mountains of the Caucasus is the birthplace of this drink, where the tribe was engaged in horse breeding. So, his homeland is the Caucasus.

Sour -milk products are an extremely important component of the diet of a person who is not indifferent to his own health. They are even more useful than milk from which.

I myself can simply not think my life without kefir.

And thanks for the fact that we have it, we say to the Caucasus. Not Tibet.

In general, if you go into history, then the word “kefir” – Turkic origin. MV all represent kefir, and even children know that the sour -milk product.

So, it is obtained from milk using sour -milk bacteria.

You only need to add what else is used, so -called kefir fungi.

with the use of kefir the historical homeland of kefir – the surroundings of Elbrus.

The steppe tribes who lived in the lower reaches of the mountains of the Caucasus received kefir. They were engaged in horse breeding and made kefir from koumiss.

So, the right answer is the mountains of the Caucasus.

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