Where to find a note from a newspaper about a fellow countryman who did a good deed for the city?

To complete this task, first of all, you should find the person about whom we will look for a note. It should be borne in mind that it is unlikely that anyone in the library will let us cut and spoil library magazines and newspapers, so we should think about photographs. After all, any article can be photographed.

How to find a fellow countryman who did something useful for the city?

I propose to use the city website, in which there will be a section of honored people of the city. For example, in my Novosibirsk there are more than a dozen such people. For example, I chose Alexander Karelin, a famous fighter who made and does a lot of useful things for both Novosibirsk and the whole country.

Now it remains to find an article about this person in a journal or newspaper, you can use the library or Internet for this. For example, what I found:

Where to find a note from a newspaper about a fellow countryman who did a good deed for the city?

To complete the school assignment on the subject ‘surrounding world’, any city ​​Library, where there is definitely a city archive with documented stories or clippings from newspapers about outstanding actions by their fellow countrymen. But I doubt that you will go there for your homework.

Another great option is your City portal. For example, I myself from the Urals, from Yekaterinburg, therefore on our city portal E1.ru regularly publishes such stories.

Also, local branches of famous newspapers. For example, Komsomolskaya Pravda. Here, by the link to their official site there are 15 stories of ordinary people from different cities who have committed a good act. You can take one of the stories straight from there.

We are looking for a fellow countryman, about which one could tell, who is proud of the hometown or village. In the city you can do this just by looking at the list of honorary citizens of the city. In the village of such a person, you can find just asking your parents, because in small villages everyone knows about each other.

Then we are looking for a note in the newspaper, this may be even more difficult. But here it is really easier to turn to the librarian and look through the binder of old newspapers or magazines.

An example, an honorary resident of Sochi is Alexei Voevoda, athlete-Bobsleist. Many boys take an example from him, he deals with the problems of ecology and environmental protection. They wrote a lot about him and therefore it is easier to find a note. Here’s what I found on the Internet:

Where to find a note from a newspaper about a fellow countryman who did a good deed for the city?

I remember me such a task. So, at first I raised my head for a long time. And then I came up with. Go to your city library. They still have) there is an extremely bored librarian there. And city newspapers are brought to the library. So this bored librarian will surely select the desired note to you, you are the main thing to make friends with him. Further, it’s already simple: scan/photograph the desired material and the task is ready!

You can, of course, just look on the Internet on your city’s website in the news section, but this does not seem so exciting to me)

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