Where to find the Buzhnchik artifact in the stalker COC by Stason174 6.03?

Buravchik artifact in the game Stalker is in a dark valley, in a scientific laboratory. To find a boumpage, use a Svarog detector. With the included mod ‘unique artifacts, the bumschik can be hidden on the backwater located on a burned farm, in fiery anomalies and in the anomaly of the “Belts”.

Bukevchik – one of the most mysterious artifacts of the game. Adds to the player the unique properties of movement – teleportation to any place.

Buzhnchik artifact can be found in the laboratory in a dark valley using a detector svarog.

Or, as an option, go to the mod manager, there find the line ‘Fast gear only with a drill’ and move it to the left column or just twice click.

You can still do this, click the ‘S’TEMS, look for the Artifact tab after look for the line’ AF_GIMlet ‘and click twice with the mouse.

Let’s start with what we will tell, but what is a boumor. The Buke is the most mysterious of the artifacts and the game called ‘Stalker’, it allows the player to teleport and move to any dimensions. We list several places where you can find a boumor.

  1. In order to make it easy for us to find a boumor artifact, you need to see it in a dark valley and scientific-test­th laboratory. We recommend that you use a detector called Svarog to search for a boumor.
  2. We need to go to the manager of mods and setting the line ‘fast gear with a drill’, then it is necessary to click on it twice.

We are looking for an artifact of a boumpoint in a stalker using a detector svarog in a dark valley.

The second method is on the Artifact tab with a click ‘S’ click twice click on the line ‘Af_Gimlet’.

The third way is a double clicking in the models of mods on the line ‘Fast gear only with a drill’.

Choose what way to get a brown tire is more optimal for you and forward!

One of the artifacts in the game Stalker is a boumor that allows the player to teleport to any place. Bukevchik is in a dark valley, in the laboratory. To find the artifact Buzhnchik in the game Stalker, you need a detector Svarog.

You need to click the ‘S’ button, find the Artifact tab, then look after the name ‘Af_Gimlet’, and then click the flush twice.

There are many tasks in the popular game Stalker, t.e. you need to find certain artifacts. One of the artifacts that need to be found is the Buzhchik artifact.

You can find it in the area of the laboratory in the dark valley, but for this you need to use the Svarog detector.

You can find a boumor in this way:

We need to get to the laboratory, which is located in a dark valley, where we are looking for this artifact, but you can find it with the help of a Svarog detector.

Also, sometimes a bums appears in fiery abnormalities and again for the search we need a detector Svarog, without it, finding an artifact will not work.

If you are a lover of the game stalker COC by Stason174 6.03, then sooner or later ask yourself about where to find the Bukevchik artifact.

You can find it in dark Dalin in the laboratory. For this you will need a Svarog Detector.

You can use the ‘S’ button, open the Artifact tab, then ‘Af_Gimlet’.

We click on it twice.

In order to find a boletus in a computer game Stalker, get to the laboratory – it is in a dark valley. In order to find a boletus, you need a Svarog detector.

Less commonly, a boumor appears in anomalies, but this happens very, very rarely.

All the artifact players of the stalker ‘Buzhchik’, can be found in the scientific-test laboratory, which is in the dark valley. When searching for this artifact, it is necessary to use the Svarog detector.

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