Which ecosystems are more difficult and restored longer?

Ecosystems are restored very slowly after human intervention, as scientists found out. Only half of people lost after such activities can recover two decades after its termination. To the degradation of the Tundra of Siberia and the Urals led to excessive exploitation of man of nature, Ural ecologists found out.

The most difficult thing is to recover the ecosystem of the wild tundra. Here a person leaves real scars in the form of a rut from caterpillar and boiler rooms, damaging the vegetation and soil. Roads are intensively laid here, since various construction sites actively come here.

The features of this ecosystem explain its slowest natural recovery after human intervention. All physical and biological processes are slowed here due to a lack of heat. Therefore, the broken landscapes of the tundra are restored for a long time, the moss cover is slowly increasing and plant residues decompose.

2023 – 2030 announced the UN General Assembly with a decade of restoration of ecosystems. Consideration of the preservation of ecosystems is really important, because today it is possible to combine the efforts of states to prevent irreversible changes in nature. About 2 million hectares (just imagine what an impressive scale it is!have the ability to fully restore. there is hope!

The sphere of agriculture caused the greatest harm to ecosystems, such as forests, seas, rivers, swamps, lakes, meadows. Washing fertilizers in the rivers, irresponsible disposal of waste by factories, artificial drainage of swamps, spilled oil spots in the sea leave irreparable damage to nature. The forest ecosystem was most affected. The species variety of animals and plants is rapidly reduced in it, and violations of the biochemical cycles of chemical elements (namely carbon and nitrogen) are detected in the soil).

First, before we answer the question, you need to explain what an ecosystem is.

Eco System is a combination in one environment of various organisms, among which various types of interactions occur. Example – forest ecosystem, pond. Emley is destroyed by the ecosystem, then it needs time to restore it, the warmer and wetter the climate, the faster recovery, the colder, the slower this process is going on. The eco system of the tundra is slowly restored, there the plants paste slowly due to climatic conditions, and traces of all-terrain vehicles remain for decades. Any ecosystem needs to be protected.

Where it is cold and the soil is in a systematically frozen state, there is an ecosystem, it is recovering more significant slowly. For example, tundra forests and, in general, forests and soils of the entire north of the Russian Federation.

The tundra ecosystem is most difficult, because the tundra plants grow very slowly, traces of caterpillars of all -terrain vehicles do not overgrow for decades.

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