Which of the listed objects are located on the territory of Africa (see.)?

In order to choose the correct answer, you need to carefully read each, and then remember where a particular geographical object is located. Some options will disappear immediately, since there are those that are located in the Russian Federation among the objects.

So, for example, you can immediately discard the option ‘a’ due to the mention of the Volga, as well as ‘G’: the magnificent Lake Baikal cannot be in Africa – it is our. It makes no sense to consider the option ‘b’ with the Amur for the same reason.

But the option ‘in’ makes sense to consider in more detail.

The African Nile River is very long and even for some time it occupied leading positions among the longest rivers of the planet. And although the Amazon pushed her to the second place, the length of the Nile is impressive – more than 6700 kilometers.

Lake Tanganika can only be compared with Baikal, since it is filled with transparent fresh water, and the bottom can be seen at a depth of more than 30 meters. The reservoir takes the second position after the mentioned Baikal in depth, but it leads in length (708 kilometers).

African Victoria waterfall is considered one of the most impressive spectacles on this continent. Millions of tourists rush here in order to see with their own eyes as a powerful zambezi river falls down, from which a curtain forms from droplets of water, the length of which is about two kilometers.

As you can see, the option ‘in’ is suitable for us, so we note such African geographical objects:

Which of the listed objects are located on the territory of Africa (see.)?
Which of the listed objects are located on the territory of Africa (see.)?

The question is completely not complicated. The easiest way to choose the right option by exclusion.

Without even considering each option separately, geographical objects located in Russia are immediately striking in the eyes. This is the Great Russian Volga River (in the version a), the Krpuny Far Eastern River Amur (in the version b) and the deepest lake of the world Baikal (in the version d). In the remaining version, we really see the famous African Lake Victoria, Lake Tanganika and the Nile River.

Thus, the right answer to this geographical question will be the option B) Victoria, Tanganika, Neil.

Which of the listed objects are located on the territory of Africa (see.)?

Victoria waterfall 1800 meters wide, in which water falls into the bottom from a height of 120 meters, is formed on the Zambezi River and is located in South Africa on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Lake Tanganika is located and belongs to four countries at once: Burundia, Congo, Tanzania and Zambia. This is the largest freshwater lake in Africa and at the same time the most elongated in length, freshwater lake in the world.

Nile is the longest river in the world and it flows almost through all of Africa. Its length is 6852 kilometers. Neil flows through the territory of Rwanda, Uganda, South Sudan, Sudan and Egypt and flows into the Mediterranean Sea.

It turns out that the answer will be the correct answer

c) Victoria, Tanganyka, Nile.

It is not difficult for seventh graders to complete this task. They study the geography of the continents and quickly understand that the correct answer is at number 3. Indeed, all three objects in this list B) Victoria, Tanganika, Neil belong to Africa. Victoria is the highest waterfall in Africa, the tanganist is the longest lake and the Nile is the longest river not only in Africa, but also in the world. In other options, there are objects from other continents.

Consider each of the answer options.

a) Volga is located in Eurasia, the Amazon is in South America, Mississippi – in North America.

b) Amur is located in Eurasia, Congo – in Africa, Zambezi – in Africa.

c) Victoria is in Africa, tanganika – in Africa, Nile – in Africa.

d) Victoria is located in Africa, tanganika – in Africa, Baikal – in Eurasia.

So, the right answer:

c) Victoria, Tanganyka, Nile.

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