Which size is more – m or l?

On the table below, all sizes are written and everyone can remember exactly their size or size of their loved ones (to buy a gift).

L of course more than m and more than s.

The letter S indicates the smallest size, even smaller XXS and XS.

The letter m is more than s?

The letter l is more than s and m.

Which size is more – m or l?

L (more precisely – l), of course, more. Both of these letters are the initial letters of English words – Medium and Large, which means – average and large. There is also a size – Small, t.e. small. And they go further to the increase – XL (Extra Large) and XXL (Extra Extra Large).

International labeling of clothing is indicated by large Latin letters S, M, L. How to figure out which size is larger or less? And very simple. These letters are initial in English words:

With a capital letter S The word Small (small) begins, which corresponds to Russian 42 size;

With the letter M – word mIDDLE (average), which answers our size 44-46

And with the letter L The word begins LArge (large), which corresponds to Russian size 48-50.

So we conclude that size l more, than the size with the marking M.

The size of the clothing under the letter ‘M’ is less than under the letter ‘l’

Which size is more – m or l?

Size L corresponds to Russian 48 size – in women, in men, the size L – corresponds to 50 Russian size.

Size M corresponds to Russian 46 sizes – in women, in men, the size L – corresponds to 48 Russian size.

Size l larger than size m.

L more than m. And XL – more than l. But S less than m. In turn, XS is less than S. I wrote this because my friend and I always thought that X increases the size – and often got confused, now we know what reduces depending on L or S.

The size of clothing l larger ms.

The size of the clothing M is the average size (comes from the word Medium – average).

The size of the clothing l will be larger (Large means large)

The size of the clothing s is less (called Small – Small).

In order to determine which size is larger L, M or S, let’s compare them with the designations of Russian sizes to which they correspond.

Russian 44 size is s,

Russian 46 (44-46) Size is m,

Russian 48 or even 50 size is l.

We conclude that the size L is the largest, that is, L larger than m and the more size S.

Size l larger than size m.

The size of the smallest size looks like this: XXXS-XXS-XS-S-M-C-XL-XXL-XXXXL

This is a European measurement designation of the size of clothing. They correspond to the Russian numerical designations as follows:

XS – 40-42

S – 42-44

M – 44-46

L – 46-48

XL – 48-50

More will be “l” (size “l”), since it is the largest (in Russia it is 48-50 sizes). Next comes the “Emka” – this is 46 size. Less for “EMKU” – “ESCA”. Dimensions above 50 are “XL” “XXL” and “XXXL” (52, 54/56 and 58, respectively).

Medium clothing size – average, 44-46

The size of clothing l larger – 46-48

It happens that clothes are large or small, so it is better to try on.

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