Who came across calls from number 9-00 or 90-0? These are scammers?

After reading your question, I remembered that I had a case when the call was like from number 900, in any case, I thought so. The call was very scared.

I was named by the name of patronymic and the caller knew what my products in my savings.

In general, this drain of information about Sberban clients simply infuriates.

So, of course, they called the security service and tried to find out the data.

I would send them nafig, but because the number was 900 and my data knew, I ran to Sberbank, showed the manager this number on the phone and demanded an explanation.

Upon closer inspection, the number was not quite 900, and it turned out that the scammers are a number of themselves, similar to Sberovsky, for example.

Who came across calls from number 9-00 or 90-0? These are scammers?

In the calculation that a person will not see and pick up the phone, as it was in my case.

Honestly, I don’t remember what was replaced there in my case, but my indignation knew no bounds, especially that my data were with the scammers and they called them to me that I was very scared.

So you most likely have the same story. Do not pick up the ph1.

The manager in the savings told me that these calls simply do not have to answer.

But I, for example, do not have such good vision that I would disassemble a slight fake number, as you have seen.

Sberbank calls or sends messages from number 900 – without any dash.

In general, calls from unknown numbers can be both from legitimate organizations and scammers. If you get a call from number 9-00, it is better not to answer it if you do not expect a call from the organization that uses this number.

If you still decide to answer the call, then be careful, especially if you are offered some services or products that seem dubious. Do not report personal data and do not transfer money until you make sure that the call is legitimate.

If you doubt who calls from number 9-00, I recommend that you contact the law enforcement agencies in order to get recommendations for actions in this situation. They will be able to provide you with more accurate information about what to do if you get unwanted calls.

I also thought about the change of numbers. Now there are attacks and even to the bookstore ‘Read Gorod’, a hidden number calls all the time, because of this I had to change the button phone to the phone with the Android operating system, since there are antispams and you can block all the hidden numbers and numbers that are thatThey forward to some specific number, before that there were 6 calls and a massive newsletter of confirmation codes, it feels like the number was mistaken at some harmful base, and the attack of a hidden number.Suspicious­E. Calls are better to ignore.

If you started to call from number 9-00 or 90-0-these are calls with the substitution of a real number. For these purposes, there are many special services for communication via the Internet.

From the bank they can send a message from number 900, or their robot can call them!

Why is Sberbank calling customers from number 900:

  • To dictate the code to confirm any action
  • To offer customers new promotions, discounts, loans, deposits, cards, polls

First, the robot calls the client data and asks to confirm them. After confirmation, he begins to talk about his shares.

Number 900 usually calls Sberbank customer support in Russia.

But technologies continue to develop, and now scammers have learned to fake phones, lure customers with information and try to lure money from them.

The number is not visible to the general public, so if you have any questions, please do not pick up the phone and come immediately to the department of Sberbank.

Here is such a short number 900 belongs to the Sberbank of the Russian Federation. This number is not intended for the production of calls, but only for sending SMS to bank customers. As a rule, this is an SMS with a reminder of the deadline for the next payment, about the crediting of funds to the account or write -off from the account.

Therefore, if you received a call from number 900, then scammers definitely call it.

These are fake rooms by ah pi telephony. Soon, such schemes will appear more and more often and become more complicated. Technologies do not stop. Artificial intelligence and neural networks can no longer pronounce stereotypical sentences and react like real people, but cars have long learned to recognize speech. Until now, non -treasured “divorces” were used in such schemes of “divorces” in prisons who are ready to call thousands of numbers all day, and sometimes on fraudulent. We increase your chances of success. This is your impromptu round -the -clock call. center

As usual, this scheme is old as a world. The actual official number of Sberbank – 900 without dash. If you send an SMS from there, the country’s code, the city will not appear either. Therefore, fraudsters had to hide their numbers as believable as possible so that gullible people could trust them. For example, +7 (900), 9-00, 9-0-0. Careless may not notice the catch, and when they turn to him by the name -familia, all doubts will disappear soon – no one will know, except for the bank. He thinks he can’t.

This is a fake phone allegedly Sberbank of Russia. But it can really be any. Under various pretexts, fraudsters pump money from gullible citizens.Therefore, this method needs to be known and not succumbed to it. Do not pick up the ph1.

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