Who has the largest ass in the world?

Here is one of the girls who believe that you can’t spoil the priest with silicone, they call her pebbelz da mode.Who has the largest ass in the world?

If we are talking about people, then we can assume that the largest priest has the most fat man in the world. In women, this is Suzanne Eman (weight 330 kg.), and in men Manuel Uribe (weight 587 kg).

Who has the largest ass in the world?

You may be asked so to speak in general, including all types of animals? But if you are interested in the asses of people, then I think that this is the biggest. By the way, this person accidentally killed a two -year -old child. Who has the largest ass in the world?

Here is another wonderful ass of American Barbie Edwards. Who has the largest ass in the world?

In relation to the human appearance, in this burning issue, two of its faces in the aspect of a harmonious combination of body weight (the ratio of fat and muscle tissue) and aesthetics should be considered

The first line – Absolutely abnormal from all points of view (physiological, aesthetic). It is logical that the largest priests in the world in the thickest people suffering from obesity. This is the level of serious body diseases and metabolic disorders. Aspect of harmony of weight and beauty is absent

Wikipedia offers to familiarize yourself with the list of the most outstanding fat men https: // ruu.Wikipedi­a.Org/Wiki

The second – normal. There is a harmony of weight (optimal ratio of body tissues) and bodily forms. Typical representatives of this category of Latin American. In the search for Yandex, we collect ‘Latin American’ and clarifying search details

However, the boundaries of the aesthetic norm are individual – a matter of taste. And for lovers of extremely magnificent forms, it is not possible to determine some boundaries of norms at all.

At the elephant, my friend, at the elephant!! And, if you want to know the Khomosapiens family, then the answer is written in the Gines Book, in the section the thickest person in the world.

I think the hippo. Unless, of course, all asses are meant…

One of the most outstanding pop in the world of 39-year-old American Mikel Rufinelli from Los Angeles. Her hips girth – 2 meters 54 centimeters! Her buttocks her are real, not silicone, she is proud of them and does not want to lose w8. At the age of 20, the weight of Mikel was 80 kg, but after each birth, and it has 4 children, the weight began to grow. The Mikel family is all wide. She needs two places on the train and she rides a truck more of10.

Her husband, Reggie Brooks, admires the figure of his wife and she is happy. In addition, Mikel Rufinelli has been withdrawn for 5 years as a model Plus Size for site Big Beautiful Women. Leads an active lifestyle and inspires full women to love themselves as it is.Who has the largest ass in the world?

They say that the largest priest in the world has a black woman Mikel Rufinelli. Her hips 244 cm.

But it seems to me that she is not a record holder. There is such a channel: TCL.

There are very often shown Americans with obesity and how they solve this problem.

So there sometimes aunts come across a more complicated than this mix.

In any case, obesity of this extent is a pathology!

The largest priest still remains with Sarah Massey, who is already 35 years old. The size of its ‘buns’ in diameter is 7 feet, which is 213-214 centimeters translated into our values!

As Sarah herself said, “Her huge priest is always with her, and she is already used to her”, so you can only be surprised at her positive attitude.

Here is a short interview with her:

The largest in the world of the priest is a 33 -year -old housewife and mother of two children Sarah Massy from Khazel Cross. Its priest has a volume of 213 centimeters and is listed in the Guinness Book of Records, if I do not get it, in 2013.

The largest ‘priest’ is the ass in the world of Sarah Massey. Popka Massy 213 centimeters of volume.

I don’t know what she was eating or what she did, but it is not very easy to achieve such sizes, and we can say this is already a disease.

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