Who is Julia Harizantem from Tiktok? Where to watch videos with her?

It seems to me that in recent years there has been no more viral track in Tiktok than “if you want to part with me, Vitya”. Everyone is not lazy to take off this sound, because the voice acting is popular and it is not difficult to depict something under these words. But who is the author of these words, not everyone knows. There is such an account with Tiktock – a girl gently put a stranger, complete, obviously not a beauty, it seems that not quite with her head is in order, is called the @nastyattanya77775 account, this lady Julisantem calls herself and speaks to all, in my opinion, nonsense. Once she spoke words that became the basis for the subsequent viral voice acting. She said like this:

Who is Julia Harizantem from Tiktok? Where to watch videos with her?

Tiktoka user @enjoykian processed this sound, laying a bit – turned out a cool rapper with a unique and inexplicable Tataan.

Here is such a “story” by Julia Harizantem, her account, along with the voice acting, is gaining everything and gaining subscribers and views, she is in trends. Who is Julia Harizantem from Tiktok? Where to watch videos with her?

This slightly strange Julia became popular last year. Her famous video dedicated to some kind of Vita, apparently, her lover, filled all social networks. A huge number of videos in Tik Tok was shot by users in voice acting from Julia Chrysanthema (or charizantems, as it is also called).

The woman has her own account in the tick, which leads, perhaps, she is not at all. There are more than five thousand subscribers and very few videos, but they are no less eccentric than her famous. It seems that a woman is not quite mentally healthy.

By the way, Vitya, to whom Julia all the time admits love, also exists, he also has his TEC TOK Profile and, it seems, even recorded a video for chrysanthemum.

Video with Julia is full in all social networks, and most in Tiktok. It is not difficult to find them in the search “Julia Chrysanthemum”, “Tatan”, “3:15”, etc.D.

Who is Julia Harizantem from Tiktok? Where to watch videos with her?

The story with this Julia has been going on for more than a year.

A video appeared in the TIK current with her appeals to a certain Vita, whom she allegedly loves and offended by him for his various ‘offenses’ and dislike of her.

That there is a production, and that emotions are not very healthy, apparently, a young woman, it is difficult to understand.

But her video is published by the @nastyattanya77775 account, where you can watch them. As well as in others, where Julia Harizantem is quoted, as she calls herself.

Own Akka is a certain Bogdan Bogdan, he also “promotes” a woman with her statements. She calls him ‘dad’, although he is a young man, and the best friend (or called).

Judging by some moments (we are talking about hryvnias, about cities), the heroine of the videos lives in Ukraine, she is about 35 years old and she has a brother. But it is not exactly.

Another original inhabitant of Tiktoka, I met for a long time on BV expression about biting the elbows by click at 3:15, so now I know the author of this expression – meme. Harizantem is her nickname, from the word ‘charisma’, apparently. Well, if we take into account that charisma is quite wide and it can be any, then yes, this lady is charismatic.

Julia had Vitya, she sang songs to him and sent various messages about love and all that, but it seems like they broke up now. You can watch a video with Julia Harizantemy in Tiktoka, entering in his search engine: Julia Harizantem or 3:15, etc. Here you can see, some Bogdan account leads, but the video there is Julia, millions of views.

Julia has many subscribers, it is interesting to many, but a lot of haters. Nevertheless, the popularity of such people speaks of the state of our society, and says not very good things.

Julia’s photo:

Who is Julia Harizantem from Tiktok? Where to watch videos with her?

Julia Harizantem (or chrysanthemum) of course the lady is still the same. Not a beauty, overweight, but so popular in Tik-Tok. Many of her cheat, but also many people like her with his innocence and charisma. It seemed to me very funny and cool. And her meme

Who is Julia Harizantem from Tiktok? Where to watch videos with her?

Julia became famous thanks to the video about Vitya. The words are unpretentious, adherent, so the video quickly became popular and viral. Many especially entrepreneurial comrades quickly rolled memes on this topic, well, they laughed at Julia. We must pay tribute to the girl holds the brand and, despite Hate, continues to take the videos and lay out the current in the tick. I must say that Vitya is a rather real character, for a long time Julia went on the air with him. Young people even talked about the fact that they were tied with a romantic relationship. Alas, the couple broke up. But Julia continues to work for the joy of his subscribers. You can look at the photo of the charizantems and her Viti in the photo below. You can watch Julia’s video here.

Who is Julia Harizantem from Tiktok? Where to watch videos with her?

This complete woman, without a hint of some complexes, posting her revelations about relations with a certain Vitya for at least a year, is really charismatic. No wonder she came up with such a nickname. If someone is interested in her personality and relationships with men, drive her name in Tiktoka in search of her name or look for videos with her pearls in the @nastyattanya777775 account.

Who exactly is Julia Harizantem, except for the blogger Tick-Tocker and is not known.

You can see her videos here on the Tik-Toka page.

A woman posts her videos in Tick-Tok, there is nothing so interesting there, just Julia is unusual, she is more like.

She clearly suffers over excess weight, does not really follow her appearance, since she even has a dirty head in many videos. But she has a lot of subscribers and her videos with her are very popular.

She does not lead the account herself, Bogdan leads it, according to some reports – this is a neighbor.

By the way, the account has been created for a long time, but still the popularity of Julia does not fall.

A woman admits Vita’s love, who is real and he also has an account.

Julia Harizantem became famous after she sang a song called ‘Vitya decide’ in the video.

The following words can be seen in this song:

Who is Julia Harizantem from Tiktok? Where to watch videos with her?

Julia Harizantem or Chrysanthemum, now very popular on the TIK TOK network. More precisely, her video in which she addresses Vita, in whom she is in love, and he apparently abandoned her. And now this video is walking on all Tiktok Acaunts, Under the Julins, the words take off funny videos.

Julia of middle -aged, a lady with and without complexes. It is easy to find in the tick current under the name Nastyattanya77775.

As a fresh wind burst into the space of various social networks and Tiktok, this cute puff with nickname Julia Harizantem, and her already popular account is this: @nastyattanya777775. And the famous song was made by the completely uncomplicated ‘Vitya decide’. She is trying to charm some kind of Vitya here, claiming that he will make a big mistake if she wants to grow with her. This is what this chrysanthemum Tick Tok has become perfect, so now she has a lot (about 5,000) subscribers here. And this is an amazing thing when you can simply become famous for the entire virtual space for a good video.

Who is Julia Harizantem from Tiktok? Where to watch videos with her?

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