Who is Marina Neyolova by nationality?

There is too much open information so that you can draw some unambiguous conclusions about the nationality of the famous Soviet and Russian actress Marina Mstislavovna Neyolova.

But Marina Mstislavovna has a very interesting and rare surname, analyzing which you can find out what comes from the dialect of the Kostroma word – no, which means – failure. Parents called children before, wanting to save from a bad evil eye. Similar names were given to children on purpose to take evil from them. The earliest mention of the name Nell was as much as the fifteenth century, that was the name of one of the servants of the Novgorod boyar.

So it can be argued that the earliest ancestors of Marina Mstislavovna lived somewhere in the vicinity of Kostroma.


The nationality of Marina Neovolova

Marina Neyolova is a very secretive person and little is not known about her genealogy. With great difficulty, I managed to find out the name of her parents, whose photos are not on the Internet and how they looked no longer recognized. And the photo of Marina herself can be seen and judging by them you can see that she does not look like an appearance to the Russian and it can be assumed that in the blood of Marina there is oriental blood or Armenian and the following signs indicate this: the lack of pronounced cheekbones, elongated face,The large upper lip and eyes of Marina – they are brown, elongated like eastern women. In addition, Marina constantly married men with Jewish, Armenian blood. In 1984, she had relations with Harry Kasparov (his real name is the Jewish surname – Weinstein) and therefore he is half a Jew. And from him, Marina’s daughter is known, as you know, the name Nick is very common in the Jewish environment.

Marina Neyolova

Who is Marina Neyolova by nationality?

There are a lot of films with the participation of this talented person. Marina Mstislavovna is still an idol of several generations. Her heroines basically had difficult fate and her soil perfectly, in my opinion, managed to get used to the role. It is known that the actress was brought up in an ordinary family of an engineer and housewives, who were very far from acting. Mom devoted a lot of time to the family and the child. By the appearance of the actress, one cannot unequivocally say about her nationality, in particular, the eye of the eyes of Marina Mstislavovna is by no means Slavic. However, most people still believe that a woman is Russian.

Wonderful theater and film actress Marina Mstislavovna Neyolova performed many roles.

The actress was born in 1947 in the city of St. Petersburg (Leningrad) in the most ordinary family.

The dad of the actress Mstislav Pavlovich was an engineer, and Mom Valentina Nikolaevna devoted her daughter to her daughter, she was engaged in her upbringing. Valentina Nikolaevna was a housewife.

By nationality Marina Neyolova Russian.

Who is Marina Neyolova by nationality?

The homeland of the actress is the Northern capital, the city of Leningrad, and now St. Petersburg. Marina Neyolova is a famous and popular actress, used to be Soviet, but now Russian.

There are many roles on her account, thanks to which she was remembered by the whole country.

Her date of birth 1947, parents are ordinary people who are not related to creativity.

Performed many roles.

Who is Marina Neyolova by nationality?

Beautiful theater and cinema actress Marina Neelova. Neelova made a wonderful career as a theater actress, spent most of his creative life in a contemporary. Marina’s parents were not related to art. The names of the parents of actress Valentina Nikolaevna and Mstislav Pavlovich, they went through the war.

Marina is a secretive person and does not apply about his personal life.

Marina Neelova – Russian. There is no data that it is a different nationality.

Marina Neyolova is a wonderful actress, she starred in many films.

Personally, I remembered this actress from the film ‘You are alone’, there she played the wife of the protagonist, I felt sorry for her and at the same time she annoyed, which means that the actress coped with her role perfectly.

As for nationality, Marina Neyolova is Russian.

Sovetskaya, and then Russian theater and film actress Marina Mstislavovna Neyolova was born in the Russian city of Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) in the Russian family itself. In her hometown she studied acting and gained the first experience in filming. So Marina Mstislavovna is a native Leningrad, and by nationality – Russian.

Marina Neelova has Russians, respectively, the actress of the same nationality.

A celebrity was born in Soviet Leningrad.

Father’s name was Mstislav Pavlovich, and mother Valentina Nikolaevna.

The actress’s father worked as an engineer, and my mother led the household.

I remember this actress. She starred in many films that I like. She was born in St. Petersburg. Her family was the simplest. Mom Housewife, Dad worked as an engineer. Her parents are Russian.

So Marina Neelova is also Russian by nationality.

The surnames of the peasants until the end of the 19th century were rare. The exceptions were not serfs in the north of Russia and in the Novgorod province – hence Mikhailo Lomonosov and Arina Rodionovna Yakovleva.

After the abolition of serfdom in 1861, the provision began to be corrected, and by the time of universal certification in the 1930s, every resident of the USSR had a name.

They formed according to already verified models: names, nicknames, habitats, professions added suffixes -ov-, -ev-, -in-.

Often they called at the place of residence, only with the suffixes of the “simpler”: families living in Tambov became Tambov, in Vologda – Vologdajaninov, in Moscow – Muscovice and Moskvitinovs. Some arranged a “non -pharmaceous” suffix, denoting a resident of this territory in general: Belomorets, Kostromich, Black Sea.

Near Pskov there is a village of Neyolovo. You can see in Yandex. Mstislav is a rarely used name in Russians. Most likely grandfather or grandmother, judging by the face of Marina were Jews. Jews are often very unusual, there are beautiful faces.

I heard a little about the father of Marina – Mstislav, but after his death and saw a dark coffin with black brushes on a truck with open sides. They buried it solemnly from the ferrous metal processing plant (osmus) ul. A. Blok, in 1968. At this time, the filming of the film’starai, the old fairy tale ‘.

There is a book – ‘Metallurgists from Matisov Island’ where his last name is found at 240 pages..

‘A strong mechanical group, which is headed by his chief m, was well manifested in the shirpotreb workshop. Neelov.. As part of the group…..’and t.D.. He died of an accident. After the corporate party, he wanted to relax in a hot bath with cognac – that’s the heart could not stand it (according to rumors).Officially – heart attack from production conflict.

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