Who is the Owlmed?

As a rule, each hospital has a head physician and deputy chief physicians .If the head physician is the very first person throughout the hospital, then it is precisely the deputy chief physicians in the hospital hierarchy in the hospital hierarchy, namely: the deputy doctor in the clinic, deputy head doctor for economic issues, deputy head doctor for expert work, and of course the deputy head of the head doctor for the medical part-Taty and there is the so -called navigation .

Deputy General Physician in the clinic -this is essentially the head of the clinic .He also leads all outpatient issues of the hospital .The clinic is divided into many departments: district therapy­Service, registry, laboratories, exercises, emergency care -booty travels on calls instead of therapists, and much more .

The deputy chief physician for expert issues usually oversees all medical examinations, all preferential medicines, preferential trips in the sanatoriums and children’s camps, is responsible for the interaction of the hospital with the ITU organs, and much more …

The deputy head physician on economic issues may not intervene in medicine, but oversees all financial and economic issues .

Deputy Head of the Administrative-Highway­the one, the same does not intervene in medicine, but leads all the hospital wipers, locksmiths, drivers .Is responsible for water supply, electricity, repair and construction work in the hospital .And also is responsible for the hospital property: for furniture, underwear, white robes, accessories for washing floors and disinfection .All the sisters -hosts of each department obey him .

The main sister of the hospital is the essence of the same deputy chief physician, since she oversees the work of the entire younger and medium -sized hospital staff .

The main pediatrician of the hospital is essentially the same can be called the deputy chief physician, he oversees all issues of children’s and adolescence medicine .

And finally, let’s touch on the nachmed -whistle is the deputy chief physician for medical work .He leads all the medical activities of the hospital .Not only outpatient rooms are subordinate to him -but all the stationary departments, all the emergency rooms, all the reception chambers, all the ambulance .It is he who appoints all the attendants on duty in the reception chambers, hospitals and emergency rooms, drawing up a schedule of duty .You can safely contact him with complaints about the heads of the hospitals and the quality of treatment in the hospital .At the duty officers of the field dormant doctors, they did not show or poorly showed emergency medical care .Transfer from one stationary department to another, and redirecting from one reception to another, you can also appeal the navigation, like everything else with regard to treatment and diagnosis, content in hospitals .If all issues related to clinics are usually supervised by deputy chief physicians in the clinic, then the navigation are more occupied by emergency and any stationary medical work .

Owlmed instructed all employees to appear for five -minute.

Who will hide behind such an encrypted name ‘N -Med’?

This compounded word is a type of abbreviations that consist of the initial pieces of words that make it up, as well as similar complex names:

Zavgar – Garage Head


Zerkhoz – Economy Head.

Owlmed – This beginningalnille honeyThe Itsin part in the healthcare institution: hospital, hospital, cardiological center, etc.P.

A doctor who is a navigation is a deputy chief physician of a medical institution.

It was always interesting that this is a position.

Narmed – this is the deputy chief physician for the medical part.

There is a position of naked man in all hospitals, as well as in clinics.

It is not necessary to study for this position specially.Any professional doctor can become the head.

The name of the head of the medical service of the unit or hospital, at which the entire organization of medical work.

As well as in civilian medical institutions the unofficial name of the deputy chief physician for medical work.

After the 1917 revolution, various abbreviations and abbreviations, such as Revolutionary Council, ‘Executive Committee’ and others, began to use in Russia. Then, probably, the reduction of the “STOMED” appeared, which in the first meant the head of the medical unit in the troops, and later smoothly moved to civilian medical structures – the deputy chief physician for medical issues began to be called the opening.

Despite the fact that sometimes the navigation is talking about primary medical education (that is, the level of nurses, unlawful doctors and so on), there is another naked man – a respected person endowed with the authorities in the hospital. Namely, this is a reduction from the ‘Head of the Medical Part’, that is, the chief physician and his deputies (usually applies to deputies).

Owlmed – Deciphered as the head of medicine (medical service). In military structures, this is the head of the military unit.

In hospitals (and other medical institutions), the needmed performs the functions of chapters. doctor (is his deputy). Owls – a guided position, is the second most important person in the hospital (after the head doctor).

Literally yesterday, I ran into this position in the hospital. Owls this is a deputy chief physician. Is responsible for the treatment of patients, the correctness of the diagnosis, treatment. That is, his work to treat and everything that is connected with this (control of doctors, sisters, drugs). My Owls looked something like this.

Who is the Owlmed?

Narmed is a medical reduction that the hospital’s employees use so as not to pronounce a long, full name of specialization: the head of the medical part. Usually, this is the deputy of the Glavrach.

Do not confuse with the initial physician or similar. Narmed – an important person in the hospital.

This is a complex word, formed from the beginning of two words boss and medicine.

The word ‘N -Med’ is called officials in the medical service. They also call ‘Nachkar’ – the head of the guard, ‘chief of staff ” – chief of staff.

Previously, I also asked such a question, it turns out that the head is the head of the medical unit in the hospital, t.e. He solves all medical issues, but the head doctor, he is more responsible for organizational questions.

Narmed nothing more than the head of the medical service. During the absence, it is replaced by a person appointed in the prescribed manner, who acquires the corresponding prova and is responsible for the proper fulfillment of the duties assigned to him.

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