Whose phone number is 88002500505? Who owns number 8 800 250 05 05?

Phone number +78002500505 belongs to the MTS communications operator in the service region throughout the Russian Federation. This number is not just positive, but we can say a great rating. Belongs the number of the call center of the online store of the same provider, t.e. ‘MTS’ for at least 5 years. And this number is used:

  • to confirm the order made on the site;
  • clarifying questions about the delivery of the order;
  • to assess the quality of service (at the request of the client himself);
  • clarifications in the transition from another operator to ‘MTS’;
  • Notification of the delivery of goods and t.D. That is, all calls on business and no advertising. Whose phone number is 88002500505? Who owns number 8 800 250 05 05?

    Number +78002500505 or 88002500505 owns OJSC Mobile TeleSystems in the Russian Federation region.

    The number is more advertising and irritable, not fraudulent.

    Basically, it uses the company ‘MTS’:

    Whose phone number is 88002500505? Who owns number 8 800 250 05 05?

    The territory of the Russian Federation. From 88002500505 they often call people, autocroders of all kinds of offices are very worried about. As users, in all likelihood, have thought of, after some advertising very annoying messages will be read out. Office managers will notify all kinds of offers, often from this number they impose communication services, and the number of the sales department of the MTS company belongs. And it is very necessary for comrades at this moment? In my opinion, the addition of 88002500505 to spam will benefit the citizen. I can’t imagine any argument to accept the call. The number belongs to the MTS communication operator.

    The company of Mobile TeleSistema OJSC in the Russian Federation is engaged in the maintenance of 88002500505 of this phone number.

    The officially specified phone number belongs to the sales department of the MTS company, therefore, you can answer their calls without fear.

    Contact center employees can call it if you previously left an application for, for example, to connect the home Internet, or wanted to purchase something from the company, but did not dare to do this for one reason or another.

    I would not spend time on such calls and would not advise you, the benefits of them are very doubtful.

    It is best to bring such numbers on the black list and try not to spend your free time on them, because these salesmen may well get you, but this is provided that you are not interested in MTS services in principle.

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