Why are blacks big dicks?

Someone called an erection ‘great equalizer’. So, the blacks ‘ends’, when it is relaxed, is visually large, and in a tense state differs in size from the relaxed, in general, negligible. ‘Asian’ type – on the contrary – has a tendency, relaxing, ‘get into the accordion’, minimizing the volume, and with an erection increases in size very noticeably. The European type is something intermediate between African and Asian.

There is even one joke – how Russian and Georgians differ (the Asian type is common among Russians, the Georgians are not rare African or close to that). So, Gruzin has a nose with a hump and … club. And Russian has a nose with potatoes and … accordion.

In fact, the manufacturers condoms conducted a study and came to the conclusion that blacks are not so distinguished by sizes, most likely, a mifle, a bike and other similar stories to some extent. Of course, the size of the genitals of the male part of the population of the planet Earth may depend in many factors, such as climate, genetics, puberty.

This is a myth, in fact, an ordinary average Negro can have any size of a member, like white, small and large and medium. The blacks are the most sexy of all races, and the Mongoloids are the least, so that their genitals can be on average more and more often, but still, this is more a stereotype.

Well, for the objectivity of the data obtained, two parameters should be compared – an erected and not erected member. So, the rest of the increase in the increase in the penis from a calm state to erected is from 2 to 5 times, and in blacks it increases from 1.5 to 2.5 understanding the difference?

Perhaps this is due to the place of residence, territory. When it is warm, everything grows, comparable to nature, also the length of the penis, in my opinion, depends on the physiology of a particular individual. The larger the man, the more..

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