Why depends the wealth and prosperity of the country?

This question was asked by Adam Smith 230 years ago in his book “Study of the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Peoples”. Briefly, he saw the reason for wealth in the freedom of private entrepreneurship. Any form of lack of freedom – political and economic – leads to the concentration of wealth in the hands of a narrow group of people, but the country as a whole is poor. Actually, therefore, democratic countries are richer than totalitarian.

Wealth and The prosperity of the country First of all, depends on the consciousness of his citizens.

If each person in his specific place will be conscientiously and efficiently perform his work, then order will reign in the country.

From the level of alcoholization The prosperity of the country depends. I am in order to add alcohol to the drug list, and in order for the punishment for the distribution and use of alcohol to be the same as in relation to other drugs.


  • The wealth and prosperity of the country depends on people, first of all, who are able to raise the country’s economy to high level, ensure high labor productivity, a high gross domestic product per capita. People go to power, people go to science, people work, people think and provide wealth or do not provide anything like loales and drunkards, become bums and marginals or oligarchs.
  • The wealth and prosperity of the country depends on the state that can provide protection from external aggressors and the conditions for the normal life of people who could live and not be afraid for their lives.
  • The wealth and prosperity of the country depends on legislators that would have issued smart laws that would work for the good and prosperity of the country and the people of the country, and not to enrich a pile of oligarchs.
  • The wealth and prosperity of the country depends on politicians who go to power not for the sake of a personal good, but for the good of the country and the blessings of the people.

The answer logically begs – from you and me, from each person separately. Like how the wall is built from bricks. But I don’t think so. Always, at all times, people were different, and there were enough people with good thoughts and villains. But the country’s wealth should depend directly on the political system that controls the country. While in our country there will be no democracy – there will be no wealth and prosperity for citizens.

First of all, the wealth of any country depends on the availability of resources. If there are no resources, or there is only one resource, then there can be no talk of any wealth of the country. I am not saying that the country must be rich in minerals, in the world there are examples of countries that are very rich, but do not have their own natural resources. By resources, I understand any property that can be turned to the benefit of the country. This is a people, the Institute of Power and Management (there may be democracy as the most advanced form of government), it is scientific potential, it is nature, attractions, it can even be a mentality that many eastern countries have successfully used to ensure their development in successful powers. There are many resources, but the main thing is to learn how to use them correctly, and even here it depends on the legislation and desire of the people themselves.

Most likely nothing from, but from whom. I think that the country’s prosperity depends on the ruler of this country. How he will manage and how his people will lis10. It all depends on him. One wrong step, can destroy everything. Gorbachev can be an example.

Wealth is different, but in my opinion it all depends on the upbringing of a person, the spiritual, maral appearance of people. Kagd, they will think not only about themselves and the money, but also the same people will work out then.

The wealth and prosperity of the country depend on the prosperity of its citizens. The more free and prosperous citizens are, the stronger the country.

It is not necessary for the country to have many minerals, the Baltic countries, for example, having almost no own fossils, could achieve a high standard of living of their citizens and countries in general.

The wealth and prosperity of the country primarily depends on the competent leadership. From economic activity. From the availability of minerals and their competent implementation. From the attitude of the state to its citizens (benefits, social policy). All this will help to lead the country to success and prosperity.

A lot depends on the well -being of citizens. On leading posts you can not put the ‘cook’, as Lenin put it. Consciousness of citizens influence the prosperity of the country. A responsible attitude to the choice of local level, from where the deputies have a jump in higher posts in the country.

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