Why do girls get on socks when hug?

Good day.

For different reasons.

If with a man, then he is highly tall and you have to get up on the socks.

And if he is such a height as her, then this is more due to the fact that physical contact provoke the release of oxytocin, a powerful love hormone, which gives the feeling that they are beloved, beautiful and adored.

If so with friends, then positive and positive emotions surrender them, thanks to which the hormone of happiness stands out and begin to jump with joy.

Girls stand on socks when hug. This is from the fact that they are mainly less growth than their election elements. Well, the main reason is not offense to women, they instinctively reach for God to a man at an unconscious level

Girls stand on the socks with libia, most often because the man is taller, although sometimes we ourselves do not know why we do this, we are so comfortable and more convenient, do not worry, this is not a worldwide conspiracy of women

I hug so much to feel a person and hug the whole. When it is small in tall, but I want to hug.

I personally see in this 2 obvious reasons:

  1. Physiology. Many girls tall below the guys and with a hug, they have to stand on socks, for example, kiss on the lips, not on the chest or neck. Or just to be with him on the same level.
  2. Feelings. It often happens unconsciously. I would even compare with the phrase ‘jump from happiness’. So we clearly show our feelings.

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