Why does a VPN not work with a mobile Internet? Only through Wi-Fi?

The problem can be one of the three (most often):

  1. VPN service refuses access to your mobile operator, which is why you cannot use.
  2. Your mobile operator blocks VPN service.
  3. The problem is directly in the VPN server itself.

It is worth remembering that the RKN went to the war path against the VPN and they will now be blocked. So if you want to get a service, the chance of which is minimal, create your VPN server. They are not very expensive, in the region of $ 15.

The easiest way is to just find another VPN. Previously, WindScribe was a good option (blocked in the Russian Federation).

Each time, as soon as we went on the Internet, we leave our digital trace. Many users want to maintain anonymity so that various companies and other organizations can not collect information about what a person is looking for on the Internet, what sites he visits, what he is interested in. For this, VPN is used.

In addition, today’s realities are such that some sites without VPN just do not go. And, moreover, now the RKN is fighting with the VPN, so if you work with some VPN today, then tomorrow this may not work.

If the VPN only works through Wi-Fi, and it doesn’t work out through the mobile operator, then there may be the following reasons:

  • Slow, unstable Internet connection

When we connect via VPN from a mobile provider, this connection is very sensitive to the speed of the Internet connection. If the communication quality is low or the speed of the Internet provider is slow, then you need to choose another mobile operator with a more powerful communication module.

  • VPN blocking with antivirus

In this case, you can turn off the antivirus and try again.

From my practice, I can tell you that I had to change VPN several times, since the former just stopped working at one moment . As a result, there was a one that works steadily both with a mobile Internet and through Wi-Fi.

Therefore, I can advise looking for another VPN or change the mobile operator.

Here is the problem either in the operator of the mobile network, or in the VPN server itself. If the VPN works with Wi-Fi, but there is no mobile Internet, then it is worth changing the VPN itself, then the problem should leave. Personally, on my phone, not all VPNs work even with Wi-Fi.

In the new conditions, sometimes you have to use VPN. And often you just put the VPN, how it is blocked, change, you put another- after some time everything is repeated.

For example, I have no WPN Wi-Fay does not work on the phone at all.

I have to turn off the wi-fi at home and then go to the desired site after that.

Someone – on the contrary.

Ultimately, this is not important.

If you need to go to your account, for example, to a network with pictures, then Chelvo will find a way out. After all, this is not illegal yet in our country.

I would advise just changing VPN if there is a malfunction.

It’s very good that you can connect vpn via wi file. Not everyone has such an opportunity. Quite strange in different regions different blocking. And it happens that even in neighboring houses, but different operators are also different options to go to blocked sites. It is always worth trying different options and different VPNs.

And if the situation is this:

The client works on the mobile, and the client of the same VPN service on the PC does not work when distributing the Internet from this mobile. At the same time, if the PC is connected to the wired network, then the VPN client works normally.

In fact, the VPN can block the operator itself, which the Internet provides you, since there are VPN services, the use of which is limited. What to do here? There are many VPN services now, try VPN-parties in another place. However, you noticed that the VPN often slows down the work, this is indicated when using the VPN, so – the Internet speed can be so weak that it simply does not draw a VPN service. Here you can try – turn off/turn on the flight mode, after which the phone independently begins to search for the network, and the Internet speed can significantly increase.

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