Why Herda turned out to be stronger than the Snow Queen?

Gerda is a reliable friend, she was not afraid of difficulties and went to help out Kai. Cute kind friendly girl spared everyone and helped every1.good always triumphs over evil.Her kindness helped her on the way, and a loving heart helped melt Kai’s heart and defeat the snow queen

T.To. This work is studied in the 5th grade, then the usual formulation of the ‘triumph of good over evil’ will be a natural answer for the student. Gerda and the Snow Queen with two extremes of our world can be identified, which are opposed to a fairy tale, fighting for Kai. Sincere love, friendship, compassion of the girls win in a duel with the coldness and indifference of the queen. Gerda is strong in her faith in a good denouement, she does not even need warm things, she is warmed by the heat of her own soul and heart. Similarly, the life of nature is the salvation of Kai, it is like snow and ice that falls under the scorching rays of the sun (tears of Gerda) inexorably melts, his fallen heart thaws and germinates in his chest, like sprouts breaking through spring after winter hibernation.

Unlike the Snow Queen with her icy calm and self -confidence, little Gerda had a great loving heart. It was it that helped her overcome all the trials and finally find Kaya.

For the Snow Queen Kai, there was just a toy, a thing that was supposed to at least revive the cold beauty of her icy features on an iot, for Hera Kai was a close friend, without him the world was empty and changed. Gerda simply did not see any other way for herself, except to go and return Kai. Even faced with his insensitive icy gaze, she did not understand what to do now, probably, would not give up. Fortunately, her hot tear was able to melt this ice indifference and the whole story ended as a fairy tale should end – joyfully and happily and happily.

Why did the little girl Gerda be able to defeat the powerful snow queen? First of all, because the matter took place in a fairy tale, and there should always be a happy ending in fairy tales. But we will also not forget that Gerda won still not the Snow Queen itself, with whom she did not meet, but only her witchcraft, which is of course easier. Gerda possessed the most important – kind and hot loving heart. She did not fear difficulties and dangers on a distant path and everyone she met was amazed at her courage and love. Everyone helped her as much as possible, some advice, who deer. The old Laplandka directly told Gerda that no one would make her stronger than she is now, because the power of this girl in her heart happened and so happened. Hot tears managed to melt the fragments of mirrors in Kai’s heart, destroy the spell of the Snow Queen.

I think that Gerda turned out to be stronger than the Snow Queen in the struggle for Kai for one main reason.

And no matter how he was hackneyed and trite, but this reason is- Love.

Of course, we can take into account the fact that Gerda and Kai were still children, but the fact that Gerda loved Kaya did not have to doubt it at all.

So, Gerdu was loved.

Regarding the Snow Queen, it is possible that she did all this from satiety, from boredom, from vanity, in general, for any reason, but not for love. She did not like Kaya and not because of this she had tolerated him into her ice palace.

I think that Andersen was all in mind.

I express my own point of view exclusively.

In fairy tales should always defeat good, so that the children believe in it and become good and decent. Therefore, Gerda defeated the Snow Queen, because she was the embodiment of evil and the duty of each hero of the fairy tale to deal with this evil.

I think that in the form of fairy tales the people tried to convey the idea that good always defeats evil and love the hottest feeling that even Kai’s icy heart can melt. Apparently this is a fairy tale for all times and all nations.

Gerda turned out to be stronger than the Snow Queen in spirit and in nature. She steadfastly suffered all the difficulties and caused Kai from captivity from the captivity. After all, in fairy tales, good always defeats evil, and Gerda turned out to be a very kind girl who helped every1. And her love melted the frozen heart of Kaya.

Gerda’s love and good, defeated the evil of the Snow Queen. In every fairy tale, morality is as follows, and I would like that in life it would still end in good and with faith in good. After all, in life we are overcome by evil, with whom unfortunately a person can not always cope.

Gerda personifies good, and the snow queen is evil. In fairy tales, good always defeats evil, in life this happens less often or the dlocess takes more time. Gerda’s kindness, her love, faith in good helped her to cope with evil and return her brother.

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