Why in Rus’ on August 20 it was impossible to go outside to girls?

All our life, one way or another, even now, in the age of digitalization, NTP and huge speeds, is associated with the beliefs, traditions and customs of our ancestors.

On August 20, in Rus’, the day of Marina (Marina-Pimena) has long been celebrated in honor of St. Marina and St. Pimen).

On this day you cannot leave without the help of those who need it.

Women can not work anywhere on this day (neither in the field, nor at home), but you can bake pies with raspberries and delight loved ones.

You cannot offend storks.

You can’t prove hasty decisions.

To everyone, not only to representatives of the weaker sex, you can not leave the house after sunset. Otherwise, unclean power will find serious illnesses.

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