Why is Artyom from the metro 2033 not talking?

This is done for a more complete immersion in the game.So that the player can put himself in the place of Artyom.And since the player cannot in real life influence the gameplay, then Artyom was made in silence.Yes, and someone else’s voice will distract.In the stalker, in my opinion, the character is also silent.So I think although maybe I’m wrong.

The truth is known only to the creators of the game.

But what kind of nonsense people are people who think that without voice acting gg is better played? For example, to me, a thin connoisseur of not stupid shooters, but games with a deep thought, riddles, an interesting plot, literary, so to speak, there is very lack of an active dialect of the character, especially when they turn to him and ask questions, and he is like ‘dumb’and the fact that he is’ dumb’, only he knows al1.

For example, Folych found a voice in the fourth part, but the “American” voice is not rarely disgusted to listen, the voices often do not fit under the image of the character, however, it’s more interesting to listen, it is to listen to the answers of the GG than “stupidly” to the reply options and representthat this whole text has said. Or as it is – without a form of questions/answers.

You write ‘for more immersion’, but answer, you have tried to keep silent in real life for questions? Try it…how is it really better in reality in the world ? ))) such a feeling that the images of words were perverted and turned over, and speaking white, you mean ‘black’.

It is to plunge into the game with a feeling of greater reality, the character must be voiced, the same as we speak with friends, acquaintances or strangers, ask questions and answer or tell.

This is of course from non -official sources, but There is such a version:

All dialogs were written for the voice acting Boyarsky. But something went wrong and the developers abandoned this idea, and Boyarsky himself refused.

After that, almost all of his replicas from the game were seized.

However, the artyomka is not always silent – when the weapon overheats, he sometimes says “Damn!!!’, obviously in the original idea, there were’ thousand devils!!’or’ Canal!!’. He also speaks the backdrop on the screens of the screensaver when crossing between the stations and at the end of the game on the tower.

Why is Artyom from the metro 2033 not talking?

There are several versions. According to one version, the creators of the game just conceived to create a deeper atmosphere of presence. There is also a version according to which Artyom was voiced by the theater and cinema actor Mikhail Boyarsky, but something did not like the creator of the game and they decided to cut out all the phrases of the main character. Let me remind you that the game was created according to the novel of the same name by Dmitry Glukhovsky ‘Metro 2033’, the Ukrainian company ‘4a Games’ in 2010.

So it was conceived by the developers of this very exciting game, it is possible not to distract the players from the very process of passing the level.

Yes, there, and so, in my opinion, clearly, without unnecessary words. Personally, this feature of the character did not strain me at all. The main thing in the computer game is precisely actions, not conversations!

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