Why is the order in the application and on the site not canceled on Weildberris?

On Valberis you can do the cancellation of the order. To do this, you need to go to your personal account and in the order section click ‘Cancellation of the Order’. Only this function is active for 20 minutes after ordering, after this button disappears.

The first time it phoned the operator another 20 minutes. The operator did not succeed.

I ordered another product. When I came to receive an order from the unnecessary refused. You can not come, after 14 days it will be sent back.

You can cancel the order for Weildberris. But it can be canceled for a certain time from the date of registration. If this time has come out, then you will have to either not receive an order and wait until it returns, and then the money will be returned. Or contact the store.

After placing the order, you can go to your personal account on the site or in the application and cancel the delivery.

In the Wildberries app, you need to open the ‘Delivery’ section and press three points next to the desired delivery:

Why is the order in the application and on the site not canceled on Weildberris?

At the moment, this service has been disconnected on this Internet site, therefore, if you ordered the goods at a certain point of delivery, then it will definitely come there. And then only you decide whether to pick up this product from the issuance point, or not to pick up, and wait until it is sent to the seller. Just do not forget that the return at the moment is also paid for many customers. The return of the goods will be 100

It used to be like this, I made an order, and if I changed my mind to buy an order within 10 minutes, then it could be canceled, it is now impossible to do so.

Unfortunately, Wildberis too often changes the rules and obviously not in favor of buyers, in particular, and regarding the opportunity to cancel his order, if he was mistakenly ordered and understood this immediately after registration. To cancel the delivery of the placed order was previously given in the Wildberis system for half an hour, then the interval to decide on the removal of the order from delivery from the personal account was reduced to ten minutes, and at the end of November 2023 they generally removed the abolition button. It turns out that if I ordered erroneously – your problems, it was necessary to carefully look before moving on to place the order.

What remains to do? Delivery cannot be canceled even through support. The order will arrive – do not take. And the refusal to receive when you do not come for the order – you guessed correctly – for a fee for customers. This is the profit of Wildberiz due to the inattention of buyers.

Below the screenshots from the mobile application Wildberiz. When pressed in delivery immediately after registration for 10 minutes at three points up to 30.11.22 came out a menu where it was possible to choose a delivery of delivery (screen on the left). After 30.11.22 there is no such paragraph, that is, it is impossible to cancel delivery (screen on the right). Why is the order in the application and on the site not canceled on Weildberris?

Suppose you ordered the goods, but in the end you changed your mind to buy it, then you can cancel the order within 10-15 minutes.

To do this, you need to go to the application. Then click on delivery. Then click on three points and at the end click “Cancel delivery” .

If you did not have time to cancel the order within 10-15 minutes, then the cancellation button disappears. In this case, you cannot cancel the order remotely. But there are three ways to solve the problem.

  1. Wait for the order to arrive at the issue point and refuse the goods right there.
  2. Wait until the order comes to the issue point and not pick up the order within seven days, the goods are delivered back and the money is returned to the account. But this option may not work at all issues of extradition, in some points the order is stored for an unlimited time.
  3. Just write to the technical support Wilberiz about your problem.

I just went to see the delivery of the ordered goods, in which numbers he will go to the issue point, when clicking on the button, it is clear that I immediately received a notification of the bank that the amount for the purchase in Weildberis was written off from me, the site already ordered and paid for me.a second time. At the same time, I did not press the purchase buttons and my consent that for the divorce of people for money? The refusal does not work at all, at three points on top we removed the refusal button! It turns out Weildberis becomes scammers? As you can, without the consent of the buyer, write off and arrange the goods?

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