Why the electronics escaped? Was Professor Gromov a cruel person?

Literary reading grade 4. ‘Our friend Electronics’.

Text-reason ‘Why Electronics escaped?’

Fantastic story ‘Adventures Electronics’ E.Velistova is fraught with many mysteries, which in the process of reading the work is very interesting to solve. One of these puzzles is the Electronics escape from Professor Gromov, or rather the reasons for this escape.

The story begins with the fact that Professor Gromov, having settled in the hotel ‘Oaks’, puts the robot electronics for charging, connecting it to a regular 220 volt outlet. The robot breaks the place, jumps out the window and runs away from Professor Gromov in an unknown direction. For most of the story, the secret of the Electronics escape from the professor remains not solved. The professor seems a little forgetful, but a kind and very smart person. He is not cruel, did not mock and did not torment electronics. Rather, on the contrary, the professor was for electronics as his own father, he wanted to make electronics an assistant for people, responsive and kind. Here’s how professors Gel Ivanovich Gromov was characterized by colleagues:

Why the electronics escaped? Was Professor Gromov a cruel person?

Electronics ran away from Professor Gromov, because due to the high voltage of electric current, the program fail. Electronics was to be recharged through the twelve -voltage adapter, and the professor of distraction included it in the 220 volt socket. Having received such a voltage, the electronics rushed to run, which served as the beginning of amazing adventures.

Why the electronics escaped? Was Professor Gromov a cruel person?
Why the electronics escaped? Was Professor Gromov a cruel person?

It is very difficult to say whether Professor Gromov was in the story of Evgeny Veltistov with a cruel person. Yes, he brought electronics to the Cybernetics Congress in a suitcase, and the electronics himself were perplexed why he had to endure a shaking in such an uncomfortable place. But Gromov explained the need for a suitcase by the desire to make a surprise. It seems to me that he was also afraid of competitors and did not want to show the robot he constructed before.

Well, the escape of the electronics was caused by an accident. Professor Gromov, as a scattered person, wanted to recharge electronics right in the hotel room and for this included it in the outlet. Only the professor did not take into account that there were 220 volts in the outlet, not 12 and the electronics fled, his brains deteriorated a little.

Gromov was absolutely not a cruel person, he devoted his whole life to science, was a very smart person, but at the same time, like all the scientists, he was very absent -minded. On Congress, Gromov really wanted to boast of his invention, so he is taking electronics in the suitcase, the professor simply explains his act – he wants to present a surprise to his colleagues and therefore they should not see electronics ahead of time.

Electronics and escaped from Gromov just because of distraction, the professor wanted to recharge electronics, but did not take into account the moment that in a regular 220 volt outlet.

Therefore, Gromov was not cruel, and the escape of the electronics turned out to be spontaneous.

By the work, we understand that Professor Gromov was not cruel, on the contrary, he is a very decent person, smart. You can notice a small absent-mindedness of the professor, because it was precisely because of this that the whole story happened. We see how he worries about his creation, looking for him.

But, at first you can see that he treats electronics not as a person, but as a robot, as a technique. Transports it in a suitcase.

At the very beginning, we do not say why a cybernetic boy escaped. Later, we will learn that the electronics escaped due to the fact that the professor did not connect him to 12 volts, but to 220 volts due.

Such a ‘recharge’ and became the reason that the electronics jumped out the window.

Professor Gromov was not cruel, but, like all the scientists, he was a little ‘on his mind’. He understood that his creation is a rare and unique creature. The electronics was able not only to organically combine the best human qualities in himself, he was able to bring each of these qualities literally to perfection. And the professor, of course, experienced a well -deserved sense of pride.


Once a professor (not on purpose, but – in absent -mindedness) instead of the usual 12 volts, connected electronics to 220. It is not surprising that after such a “shake” electronics rushed to run with all his feet, laying the beginning of his extraordinary adventures.

Simply read the book. Although I read it for years ago 40 ago I remember very well that the professor confused the power voltage of the electronics, why the last one received a powerful reload and ran from the professor. He did not want to run away and did not particularly realize his actions. Gromov was not cruel. He was a typical professor from the USSR, kind, smart, erudite, eccentric and infinitely kind. The trilogy (the last story ‘El Elisk’ passed by my attention) about electronics undoubtedly, as the cult work of its time would be said now. I will say that we even conducted quite serious physical calculations and found out that both the electronics and his dog Rassy cannot be built with the properties described in the book (speed) the issues of the formation and self -affirmation of adolescents the main theme of the work and the robotics in the second roles. Perhaps common for science fiction of that time is the deepest realism in the disclosure of modern problems against the background of a fictitious plot, as opposed to modern popular literature, the complete far -fetched of problems and heroes amid realistic plots.

Eleking Electronics from the professor is not a consequence of cruelty. It’s just that the professor by nature was a kind and scattered man by nature – so he connected the robot to the 220V network, instead of 12V (as we charged phones). Imagine what a huge jump in the voltage jump! It’s also good that the electronics did not burn, but just rushed to run at a great speed.

From this unpleasant and dangerous moment, the exciting adventures of an electronic boy began.

He decided to become a real person, and for this he talked with people, tried to understand them and act humanly, although he did not always succeed)

Professor Gromov was an ordinary scientist, he cannot be called a cruel person, just like all scientists he was a little scattered and therefore, in its absent -mindedness, did not check that he included electronics in a regular electric outlet with a voltage of 220 volts.

But the electronics could not stand it, so he ran away.

Why the electronics escaped? Was Professor Gromov a cruel person?

Even from this fragment you can see that the professor was alarmed, that he did not check the tension. He did not do this on purpose, not because he was cruel, but by accident, in terms of distraction.

A cruel person, in general, Gromov has never been. This very smart talented person created a universal robot – an electronic boy. However, he never assumed that a real person would unexpectedly want to become an electronics. El wants to become this, to know the real life of an ordinary boy. I don’t want to be an electronics to be a professor’s toy, it bothers him. And he decides to escape.

I could not call Professor Gromov a cruel person. What all the scientists were a little scattered and wonderful. But he definitely has no cruelty. He loved his creation.

He was able to create an electronic boy, he managed to realize his dream in life. Because of his confusion, he connected electronics in a socket with 220 watts. Electronics wanted to be a man, which is why he escaped from Gromov.

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