10 life hacks that will help you comfortably spend the night in a tent

10 life hacks that will help you comfortably spend the night in a tent

In the summer you plan to go to nature, fry kebabs there, taking a fishing rod with you, Frisby, a tent and a tent cream and a tent? If you are not a convinced bard, and in the pantry you do not have a canvas backpack, full of things necessary for going, catch 10 life hacks that will really help to spend the night in a tent with comfort.

10 life hacks that will help you comfortably spend the night in a tent

Lina Shakhova Head of the press service of the I Volga-2017 Youth Forum.

1. Check the package of the tent

Before you go on a hike, check if all the pegs and ropes are in place. Lay out the tent of the house and make sure that you have all the necessary spare parts to install it. Typically, the tent consists of a waterproof tent and an internal light tent with a mosquito net and a waterproof bottom. Pegs, frame arcs and ropes that hold a rag house with a strong wind are attached to it.

Do not be lazy and check if your tent is working. With the advent of darkness, not only cold, but all sorts of small creatures can crawl to you.

2. Learn to set up a tent

It is very important! A crookedly set tent will not only confuse perfectionists with its appearance, but can also leak in the rain or fly away in the wind. First read the instructions – this has not yet damaged.

Remember that the tent should stand on a flat surface without any pits and hillocks. Collect the tent (tie all the ropes, stick the pegs, stretch the awning and close all the doors). In this position, the tent should not. If it looks like a real even house, then you can safely spend the night in it.

3. Stell your rug or mattress

Despite the fact that the tent is equipped with a waterproof bottom, it perfectly misses the cold. And if you do not want to freeze yourself, then get a foam or an inflatable rug. A dense high -quality foam will save you from cold and moisture, but sleeping on it is quite harsh. Although you will get used to it after one or two nights, and your back will stop hurting. Two narrow foams lay overlair so that the cold does not get into the gap between them.

Inflatable rug or mattress softer foam. Sleeping on such a bed is comfortable, but it costs five times more expensive. Choose you.

4. Prepare a sleeping bag and blanket

If you think that a simple blanket in the summer will save you from a night cold in a tent, you are very mistaken. In nature, especially in the morning, it happens very cold. Therefore, a sheet and a blanket will suit only if you have a heated tent.

The optimal solution is a sleeping bag. Choose it carefully and pay special attention to the temperature of the comfort that is indicated on it. This is an air temperature at which you will not freeze in a sleeping bag.

5. Catch a heating pad with you

She will not take up much space, but in a cold night you will be very happy. A good option is a salt heating pad: it is enough for a long time, it is safe to use. If the cold found you by surprise, and you do not have a special heating pad at hand, then you can take a regular plastic bottle, fill it with hot water and place it in a sleeping bag.

6. Do not forget the pillow

Another important item that will help to brighten up the nights in the tent is a pillow. Do not take with you a large homemade down pillow or dump from the sofa. All this variety will perfectly replace an inflatable analogue. Inflatable pillows are sold not only in tourist stores, but also in hypermarkets.

Another good pillow substitute is a cover from your sleeping bag, in which you can put warm things, such as a jacket. There will be order in the tent, and you will not lose the case.

7. Prepare insect protection

Mosquitoes, beetles, mokritsy, spiders are not the most pleasant neighbors in the tent. So that insects do not penetrate the rag house, close the doors tightly. If they have already crawled there, then you can apply a folk remedy – hang tansy bouquets in a tent. But not the fact that you will find it.

You can need it with special spirals, but they do not smell very nice and greatly smoke the intra -faid space. You will not want to spend the night in such a room not only insects, but also you yourself.

There is a modern way – a portable device on batteries. It works all night, does not smell and does not make noise, but it costs more than a spiral.

Do not put on the nature of woolen clothes, as the aroma of wool attracts ticks.

8. Capture interchangeable socks

In a tent camp, you may have to change a couple of socks per day. They will not take up much space, so do not modest and take at least three pairs for two days.

9. Take a folding chair or foam for sitting

In order not to look for a worthy logs and not sit on blankets, grab folding chairs or foam-blueings with an elastic band, with which it is attached directly to the tourist. Sitting on a chair or chair is very comfortable, but the foam can not be removed during the day. “Sitting place” will be with you, wherever you go, and your hands will be free.

10 life hacks that will help you comfortably spend the night in a tent

10. Prepare the lighting for the tent and territory

In order not to stumble in the night about pegs and not look for things to the touch, stock up on economical, but quite powerful lighting. Cover the transparent plastic jar with paints luminous in the dark. Better from the inside, so as not to stain your hands.

Or tie a flashlight to a bottle of water, or you can even just put it on a smartphone with a flashlight turned on.

10 life hacks that will help you comfortably spend the night in a tent

If you do not have tents, but there are a couple of cool ideas or ready-made projects that you want to share with the world, go to the tent camp of the I Volga-2017 forum, which will be held in the Samara region from June 14 to 24. There you will be given a tent and set it correctly so that you can save forces for a busy forum program. Hurry, registration is closed on May 15.

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