10 of the necessary tools for writers

10 of the necessary tools for writers

These services and applications look cool, convenient and really help writers, bloggers and journalists to create new masterpieces.

1. Bear

10 of the necessary tools for writers

It seems Bear has come to replace Evernote. For those who are annoyed by the slowness of the cult margin of, Bear will become an outlet. It is ideal to make notes or record ideas for articles. There are customers for Mac and iOS with synchronization of all information, of course.

Bear – Personal NotkiShiny Frog Ltd.Price: Free10 of the necessary tools for writers

A wonderful service that will help to train regularly in writing articles. Every morning you will receive a certain topic on which you need to write the text before the end of the day. The topics are different: sometimes they ask to tell you about what you have long hidden from a loved one, and sometimes – come up with a dialogue between Kanye West and a priest.

Daily Page →

3. Scrivener 2

10 of the necessary tools for writers

This program is more suitable for writers and screenwriters than journalists. It allows you not to get confused in all the vicissitudes of the plot, the names of the characters and names. Scrivener 2 is not just a text editor. This is a tool for storing and structuring ideas. There are versions of the program for Windows and Mac.

Scrivener 2 →

4. Day One

10 of the necessary tools for writers

It is very important for the writer to record his ideas when they appear. It is convenient to use the DAY ONE application from a smartph1. In the future, all records with information about where and when they were created, you can see on the computer.

Day One →

Day One Journal: Private Diarybloom Built Incressen: Free10 of the necessary tools for writers

Focuswriter is a free and convenient editor that works on all desktop platforms: Windows, Mac, Ubuntu. Suitable for lovers of minimalism. There is nothing superfluous in the interface, so you can focus on the text.

Focuswriter →

6. Ulysses

10 of the necessary tools for writers

A powerful application for writers and editors with an understandable interface, a convenient organization of notes and everything necessary for thoughtful work with the text. From the key chips of Ulysses, one can distinguish the ability to set goals for the daily volume of material, bookmarks, tags and detailed statistics.

Ulysses | Notes and notebooks & Co. KGTSEN: Free10 of the necessary tools for writers

Ernest Hemingway wrote simply and clear even about complex things. The web service of the same name helps to simplify the text in English and facilitate its perception. He identifies problem areas, overloaded sentences and unsuccessful turns. However, you can use Hemingway and as a regular text editor.

Hemingway →

8. MindMeister

10 of the necessary tools for writers

Mindmapping, or compiling cards of thoughts, is a special approach to fixing their ideas. This skill is especially useful to writers who have to work with large volumes of information and texts complex in structure. You can draw up maps, indicate the relationship between characters and passages of the text right in the browser: the minister service has been created for such purposes.

MindMeister →

9. BookMate

10 of the necessary tools for writers

A good writer is always a good reader. On BookMate you will find tens of thousands of different books. The entire library and bookmarks will be synchronized between your devices. By the way, you can start reading with a Lifehaker shelf.

BookMate →

10. Ommwriter

10 of the necessary tools for writers

Zen, minimalism and inspiration – these words can describe the wonderful text editor Ommwriter. The screen design can be chosen in the mood, calm background music helps to concentrate, and the sound of the keyboard soothes great. An indispensable tool for Mac and PC, which sets up in a creative way.

Ommwriter →

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