10 rituals and conspiracies for all occasions

10 rituals and conspiracies for all occasions

Some problems seem insoluble: no matter how you fight over them, there is still no result and not. In such a situation, willy-nilly has to turn to tested conspiracies and rituals.

Conspiracy for good luck

Luck is generally such a thing that cannot be touched or measured in any way. Even the winner in the lottery raises questions. What if you could win more? And how many tickets have already been spent on? But when this very luck is not, everything is clear at once: the black strip is difficult not to notice.

With a simple conspiracy, good luck can not keep: it is too unstable. Therefore, you have to use rituals and symbolic objects.

10 rituals and conspiracies for all occasions

Zoya Arkadyevna Mage and parapsychologist

It is necessary to draw a ritual on the growing moon (luck should arrive like the moon) in free clothes without buttons, belts and castles, and better without clothes at all.

Take a saucer or a plate, pour three tablespoons of salt on it to make a hill. Pour three tablespoons of sugar on top of salt, making a hill above. Neatly, so as not to ruin salt and sugar, pour three tablespoons of rice. Take the pin, open it and stick the tip in the middle of the slide.

Read the conspiracy: “The desire will fulfill my great spirit of the help of the universe, for the Universe helps who asks for help. Help will come in unknown ways, and my dream will come true, events will find a way to the world, and the universe will give me what I beg. Luck falls on the hook “.

Leave the pin on the hill at night, then pin on the inside of the clothes.

Conspiracy for money

Sometimes it happens that money is urgently needed, and there is absolutely no one to occupy it at all. Do not despair, this conspiracy will help to improve your financial situation in just a few days. The results appear faster if you read the conspiracy on the growing moon.

Retire in the room, put five church candles on the table in a row and light them.

10 rituals and conspiracies for all occasions

Mother Ruzanne Specialist in Modeling Fate

Looking at the flame, think about how much you want to get and what you are going to spend it on.

Then say a conspiracy: “I say magic words, I speak the flame of a candle and I am luring the necessary amount of money for me. How water is pouring from heaven and gathers in the seas, so let the money get into my wallet. How sandstones in the desert cannot be counted, so let my wealth not count. With money, I can forget about poverty. Swim in gold and silver, not to meet with poverty. Amen”.

Conspiracy from drunkenness

To convince the alcoholic that he is sick and needs to be treated is a hopeless business.

10 rituals and conspiracies for all occasions

Galina Fedorovna Practitioner of Church Magic

If the husband abuses alcohol and waves off any proposals of help, this ritual will help to rectify the situation in just 13 days.

Go to the Orthodox Church and buy 12 candles there. Leaving the temple, say the following words: “As it is cold in a cold, and it’s bad from my husband drunk! Amen”.

Then purchase a bottle of an alcoholic drink that your spouse prefers. Close in the room at home, light all 12 candles and put a bottle in front of you. Imagine as clearly as possible how your life without alcohol will change: the husband will stop drinking all the money, peace and harmony will reign in the house.

10 rituals and conspiracies for all occasions

Read the plot on the bottle many times until the candles are burned out: “As the candle burns and melts, and the drinker bursts. I won’t send my husband to hell, I will find a lapel on it. Let him stir up from the throat, everything inside is mercilessly twisting. There will be vomiting, hostility and in the potion that fear. I put a lapel on a booze and a noisy party. He will quit drinking gradually, he will not ask for more potions. The bottle that is worth it does not tell you to drink anymore! Let it be so! Amen. Amen. Amen”.

Candles need to be thrown away, and give the bottle to the husband – let him drink. If no positive result appears within the next 13 days, the ritual should be repeated.

Slimming conspiracy

The fight against excess weight requires a fair amount of will, patience and time.

10 rituals and conspiracies for all occasions

Raisa Vasilievna Bioenergy Specialist

All who want to lose weight in the shortest possible time, without denying themselves the joys of life, will help out an effective conspiracy with a quick result. Read it before bedtime on a glass of water during the period when the moon decreases.

“Help, Lord, bless, God, in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. On the sea-ocean, on the island of Buyan there is a bed, on that bed, a downy feather bed, and on it a pig lies, my fat is watching. Pig about three heads, about five heads, about seven heads, about nine heads with ten mouths.

Eat my fat one with one head, eat my fat with my head, eat my fat with my third head, eat my fat with my fourth head, eat my fat with my head, eat my six -head my fat, eat my fat with the seventh head, eat my fat 8. Ninth head all my fat will go through, everything will pick up my bacon. Key, castle, tongue. As said, it will come true. Amen”.

After reading the water, you need to drink.


10 rituals and conspiracies for all occasions

Zinaida Demonstrator Expert Slavic Magic

When you are going to an important interview, you need to bewitch good luck and overtake competitors. And both are done with the help of simple conspiracies and rituals.

Boil fish in holy water at midnight (at exactly 12, fish must be put in water). . There was no refusal to me, the servant of God (name), neither on Monday, nor on Tuesday, nor on Wednesday, nor on Thursday, nor Friday, nor Saturday. Take it, damn, my care. Got you black night, you’ll be a white day, go red dawn. Enemies from behind, ahead of me. Amen”.

This fish must be taken out at the intersection and leave there, and water the tree with water.

The next day, in front of the front door, you need to read three times: “I go to the boyars, so as not to plow it, I go to bring myself, fall in love with the owner. Everyone in order for me to be touched, the hosts smiled affectionately, paid well, fed fifteringly, did not scold in vain and did not beat. The Lord God is my king, the highest sovereign to me “.

Work in your hands.

Water conspiracy for beauty

So that the skin is clean and young, you need to practice washing with conspiracy water. It is best to apply conspiracies on Epiphany water, but if it is not, then on a talus (in extreme cases, make it yourself from ice in the freezer).

10 rituals and conspiracies for all occasions

Madam Natalya Caster

Take a basin with water, put it in front of any icon of the Mother of God. Light three red candles and a smoker or aroma lamp with an oak bark and eucalyptus leaves. These herbs can be bought at a pharmacy.

Say the conspiracy: “The arrow of the sky will make an amazing miracle, and the regulation will return to the origins of my power of life, and the light of the joy of the bodily will come with the arrow so strong that skin and earthly smoldering will no longer annoy my body. . Only gentlemen can the Strength of this be directed, and I ask him not to bypass me in the help of the Great and I am grateful (grateful) by his strength, bearing me good. Amen”.

Conspiracy for love

Fate is sometimes offensive unfair: someone has no end to the gentlemen, and many beautiful and smart girls have been vainly waiting for their happiness for years. Stop waiting, it’s time to take the matter.

10 rituals and conspiracies for all occasions

Vorozhoy Bazarkhand

On Wednesday or Friday, buy a broom and yellow on the market (this is important!) scoop, do not take surrender from the seller. In the nearest new moon, notice the entire entrance with this broom, collecting garbage in a scoop.

Read the conspiracy in the process: “I am driving to my house fellows, not lazy people, not a blame, not thieves. Come to me, grooms, from your own and foreign courtyards. My word is tight, my business is! Amen. Amen. Amen”.

Pour the assembled garbage into a fabric bag and hide in your room reliably. In the next new moon, bury it in the ground on a wasteland or in another place where people rarely go.

Pregnancy conspiracy

In order for such an intimate process to be successful, you need to create suitable conditions. Bring as many living plants as possible to the conspiracy room: they are nourished with the energy of life of the word. The text must be learned in advance so as not to read from the sheet: the words must go from the heart, as if you are already talking to the child.

10 rituals and conspiracies for all occasions

Tamara Petrovna School of Taga Skit

This child needs to be represented the more detailed, the better. You can even add a few words to a conspiracy from yourself if you feel that they themselves are asking for the language.

The month is clear! Help the pain to quench,
Fill my womb!
It will grow a month with a night,
There will be a child in me to grow up.
It will be a month to get full, I will round.
As a full moon, I will be full of a child.
There will be my child as a month – clear, like the moon – beautiful.
As a new month is born, so my baby will be born.

Plot for the sale of an apartment

To quickly and profitably sell an apartment or other real estate, you need to conduct a farewell ritual with the house.

10 rituals and conspiracies for all occasions

Anfisa Stepanovna Tarologist, Master of Higher Magic

Do general cleaning, wash the corners with salt. Then go around the whole apartment from the entrance clockwise with a lit candle in your hands, crossing each corner three times with this candle. So you will destroy the negativity and your energy attachment to the house.

Take the spruce needles in your hands by the number of corners (necessarily spruce, pine or fir do not fit). Then sit on the threshold, read the conspiracy: “Thanks to this house. How a blacksmith should be forged, plowing – plowing, merchant – trade, ass – to pray for people honestly, and I – to go to the church and be baptized, and the buyer is good, rich and generous to my house, to pay for it and settle in it “.

Put in each corner on a needle and wait for customers.

Conspiracy from cockroaches

Tired of laying out the bait around the house and chase with dichlofos for every representative of a mustachioed tribe? Try this conspiracy. It will help to get rid of insects once and for all.

From paper and threads, make a small (about 5 cm long) scarecrow cockroach. Put it on the table and beat it with a newspaper, repeating nine times: “I bite my rides, I am chasing my house for the threshold! Their paws are and will be dry, and the mustache will completely dry out. All as one will darken, my words will overcome them. Let it be so in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen”.

10 rituals and conspiracies for all occasions

Grandmother Olympiad Battle Mage

Repeat the ceremony for nine days, then bury the scarecrow in the ground, saying: “Here’s a coffin, shaking genus”.

And you use conspiracies or magic rituals? Share in the comments those that really work.

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