10 signs that you are an ambiver

10 signs that you are an ambiver

You are quite comfortable alone with yourself, but in the company you easily join the general rhythm and have fun along with everyone? Congratulations, you are an ambiver! In the classification of psychotypes, Ambiavers denotes the category of people who are a cross between active extroverts and closed introverts. To make sure of your status of an ambiver, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the dozen points below.

1. You have no desire to visit cafes and bars every evening. No, you don’t think it is "Creation of the devil", where nothing good happens. The fact that you reject 90% of the sentences means only that in the remaining 10% you go v-bank.

2. Sometimes you can come to a party and understand: "Damn it, this is what I need now!" But after a week, such a party will cause you a sense of fish, thrown into a hot frying pan, while the new track of Kanye West plays in the background. The tragedy is that you never know what reaction to expect from yourself today.

3. When you come somewhere with friends, someone definitely thinks: "My God, what this girl does here?" Simply because the last time you behaved terrible. But few people know that in an hour you will make friends with each of this room and exactly half of them will want to invite you to your wedding (which will happen once).

4. Every time you say to someone that an introvert rather than an extrovert, they begin to laugh. Because one day this man saw you danced on the bar. And it is useless to explain to him that you behave in a similar way no more than once a month — But it is on this day of the month that he turns out to be somewhere nearby.

5. You can be the very girl who will make the event unforgettable, or you can — the one about the existence of which will simply be forgot10. But, of course, they will remember when you say: "Oh, this joke is one hundred years old". Do not think that after that you will not be invited anywhere — In fact, everyone loves you very much (but only you, and not condemning remarks).

6. You have no words to describe your indignation when a friend invited you to coffee, and you got to the Branch in the company of unfamiliar people. No, you are not going to arrange tantrums (although… It is possible), but for about a month you will refuse her persistent offers, and then be sure to explain that you are not afraid of people — You just need to prepare for this.

7. When you are really lonely, you come across an eternal dilemma: "I’m alone so as to leave my apartment and go somewhere, or social networks and SMS messages will be enough?". Sometimes, in fact, neither one nor the other is required. If you have a cat, it works like this: "Greeting, cat…"

8. Every year you dream that one of the loved ones takes on the organization of your birthday. So that you do not have to choose between "a party where I will invite everyone I have ever met, because the world is beautiful and I want to bake a huge cake!" And "The day I will spend in the bathroom in the company of aromatic candles and Himalayan salt".

9. You — Queen of situations in the spirit: "Let’s chat from morning to night in Skype, but never meet in the park to talk live". You need communication, you need communication, but on Saturday, choosing between the series and a cozy blanket and an energetic walk, you will certainly choose the first.

10. You have repeatedly told people that you are between extroverts and introverts, and you can be one person in the morning, but in a completely different evening. And they answered you more than once that this does not happen. Well, now you have evidence.

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