12 best places for yoga in Moscow

12 best places for yoga in Moscow

Every year yoga is becoming more and more popular. New studios with various types of classes appear, starting with the classical Hatha Yoga and ending with bicram and anti-gravity. Yoga practice has a beneficial effect on physical and psychological health, helps to cope with stress and maintain muscles in t1. It is not necessary to delve into esotericism at all, each teacher has his own approach-someone begins the practice of singing mantras, and someone with a melodic hip-hop.

Dasha Kamyshina, Marketing Director BITE Russia and experts of the recommendation service for entertainment and travel in Russian cities Localway.ru chose 12 places for yoga in Moscow. It remains only to decide on the place and find the teacher to your liking.


Moscow, Plotnikov Per, 4/5

12 best places for yoga in Moscow

The only place in Moscow where Jivamukti Yoga is taught (the western direction of yoga, translated from Sanskrit – “Soul released during life”).  There are classes in English. Seminars are held with a guru from different parts of the earth.

Services: yoga classes, cafes, shop, massage Types of yoga: Jivamukti Yoga, Vinyasa Free Flow, Morning Practice, Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Pregnant, Children’s Yoga, Mandala Yoga Price: one -time lesson from 650 rubles

The era of Aquarius

Tverskaya, house 12, building. 8

12 best places for yoga in Moscow
One of the founders of the Felix PAK studio is inquisitive “Strength and Balance”, developed on the basis of surfing. Balance and breathing practices for lung endurance are used.

Services: yoga classes, massage, store, yoga tours Types of yoga: Kundalini Yoga, Xatha Yoga, Yogatherapy, Yantra Yoga, Yoga-23, Ashtanga, Cila and Balance, Kung-Fu, Yoga for Pregnant, Yoga-Lach, Children’s Yoga, Yoga for Back, Yoga for Beginners Price: one -time lesson from 650 rubles

Moscow Yoga School

Moscow, Myasnitskaya, 24;Bolshaya Serpukhovskaya, 19/37, building. 4

12 best places for yoga in Moscow
Pair yoga (partner is selected depending on physical data). This type of yoga helps to better understand Asana, go deeper into the deflection and relax the desired muscle. In addition to yoga practice, yoga is learning to massage as an addition to exercises.

Services: yoga classes, preparation of instructors, yoga massage Types of yoga: Hatha Yoga, morning pranayama, yoga for the spine, yoga-niper, yoga for children, Yoga for pregnant women, taijitsuan, yoga siesta, pair yoga, yoga massage, aerial yoga Price: one -time lesson from 400 rubles

Yoga Dom

Moscow, Petrovsky Lane, 1/30

12 best places for yoga in Moscow
Much attention is paid to novice yoga practice. There is a separate course of several classes “Fundamentals of Yoga”.

Services: Yoga classes, seminars, astrologer, psychologist, cafe, store, rental of halls Types of yoga: Yoga for women, Hatha yoga, qigong, Vinyasa Flow, Yoga Express, Steam Yoga Price: one -time lesson from 400 rubles


Moscow, st. Zoological, house 4

Moscow, Dmitrovskoye Shosse, house 9, sq. 2

12 best places for yoga in Moscow
Low prices – the cost of one lesson on a weekday will cost 350 rubles until 18:30 and 450 rubles after.

There is an opportunity to try floating. A specially equipped camera creates an environment similar to an embryonic. A person lies in a solution of special salt, which supports the body afloat, as in the waters of the Dead Sea. Light, sound and other stimuli of the world do not penetrate into the float camera. The center states that the floating gives a sense of harmony, security and deep meditative peace.

Services: yoga classes, preparation of instructors, floating, massage, rental of halls, painting, dancing, bar Types of yoga: Prana Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Women, Yoga for Pregnant, Ashtanga-Vinyasa, Yoga Nidra, Himalayan Yoga, Yoga Iyengar, Kundalini Yoga, Shivananda Yoga, Yoga of Critical Alignment of the spine, Sukshma-Vyyama, Children’s Yoga, Children’s Yoga, Children’s Yoga, ChildrenYoga for older people, pranayama, mandala yoga, yoga of Indian dance, yoga therapy, body ballet, yoga for beginners, belly dance Price: one -time lesson from 350 rubles

Yoga Federation

Moscow, st. Spartakovskaya, house 17

Moscow, st. 26 Baku commissars, house 12 K2

Moscow, Leningradsky Prospekt, house 31a, building.1

12 best places for yoga in Moscow

Holding output classes in offices. An extensive parallel program, starting from the school of Chinese painting and ending with night meditation.

Services: yoga classes, massage, seminars, training of instructors, yoga tours Types of yoga: tRi-yoga (Kali Ray method), Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Sukshma-Vyayama, Traditional Yoga, Yantra-Yoga, Ashtanga-Vignas, Yoga Iyengar, Yoga for the spine, yoga-23, children’s yoga, Yoga for pregnant women, yoga for women, improving movement and the release of blocks in the body, therapeutic yoga, meditation, yoga niper Price: one -time lesson from 350 rubles

Bikram Yoga Moscow

Moscow, st. Pravda, house 24 tbsp 2

Moscow, st. Small Horde, house 25

12 best places for yoga in Moscow

Bikram Yoga – this is classes in about 40 degrees of room. At this temperature, the joints relax, muscle elasticity increases, toxins and toxins from the body are removed. Before class, it is necessary to inform the teacher about all injuries and contraindications, as well as take a towel and a bottle of water with you. There is a special offer for beginners – for 1,500 rubles an unlimited number of classes within a week.

Services: yoga classes, store Types of yoga: Bikram Yoga, 30 Day Yoga Challenge (daily classes for 30 days) Price: one -time lesson from 600 rubles

Ashtanga Yoga School Moscow

Moscow, st. Sivtsev Bage, House 44/28

Moscow, st. Petrovka, house 17 p. 3

Moscow, st. Zoological, house 30

12 best places for yoga in Moscow

Ashtanga Yoga is a dynamic practice, teachers should undergo training in Mayisore (Ashtang Yoga Head Institute of Research). Classes in the studio are only certified by certified teachers. It is possible to start with a weekly introductory class in studios on Arbat and Petrovka.

Services: yoga classes, preparation of instructors, seminars Types of yoga: Ashtanga yoga several levels of training Price: one -time lesson from 700 rubles

Yoga Practika

Moscow, st. Builders, house 19

Moscow, st. Big Nikitskaya, house 22/2

12 best places for yoga in Moscow

Federal network of yoga centers, the first in Russia. Previously called the “Yoga Iengar” center “. Yoga Iyengar is designed so that each person, regardless of the state of health, age and preparation, can practice.

Services: Yoga classes, massage, osteopathy, homeopathy, ayurveda, seminars, training teachers, yoga tours, shop, cafe Types of yoga: Yoga for beginners, yoga-lunch, yoga Iyengar, female yoga, yoga for pregnant women, children’s yoga, yoga for older people, therapeutic yoga, yoga for the spine, pilates Price: one -time lesson from 550 rubles

Sat to us

Moscow, st. Pokrovka, house 6

12 best places for yoga in Moscow
Much attention is paid to meditations, women’s practices, training courses, for example, such as “applied numerology”.

Services: Yoga classes, training seminars, aesthetic osteopathy, astrological courses, massage, psychotherapeutic counseling, yoga tours, cafes, store Types of yoga: Yoga for women, yoga for pregnant women, Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga-Nidraiga-Lang, Yoga for Beginners Price: one -time lesson from 550 rubles

Yoga Class

Moscow, Voznesensky Per., house 9, building. 1

12 best places for yoga in Moscow

One of the most expensive studios in Moscow with a high level of service. Only here you can try the Yamuna Body Rolling and Yamuna Foot Fitness method, named after the founder of Yamuna Zeik. The first training includes at the same time physical education, massage and meditation, using special balls. Small rubber balls roll along bones and muscles, helping to improve blood flow and strengthen bone tissue. Yamuna Foot Fitness – a system of exercises using important acupuncture points on the feet. Helps to solve the problems of corns and fingers deformation.

Services: Yoga classes, master classes, corporate yoga with traveling to the office, Tai Chi-Tsuan, ITSYUAN, psychotherapeutic counseling, tea workshop Types of yoga: Yoga-23, Hatha Yoga, Yamuna Body Rolling, Yamuna Foot Fitness, Morning Yoga, Tai Chi-Tsuan, Pregnant Yoga, Children’s Yoga, Yoga Iyengar, Yoga of Critical League of the spine, Yoga Nidra, Kundalini Yoga Price: one -time lesson from 1,500 rubles

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