12 facts that you need to know about lips

12 facts that you need to know about lips

Everything that you should think about before going to the cosmetologist.

1. Silicon and Botox do not pump on the lips

More precisely, they do not bite Botox. This substance has other goals: it serves to freeze muscle fibers. And silicone in the lips is possible, but it is practically not used, because the effect of silicone or fat fillers and implants is difficult to predict. Deformations may occur, for example.

Now to enlarge the lips is used fillers based on hyaluronic acid.

Since hyaluronic acid is in the human body, this is a fairly safe material: allergic reactions rarely occur to such fillers, it is easy to dose and quite easy to remove it.

There are several brands that are recognized as safe: Restylane, Juvederm, Belotero. A full list of fillers approved by FDA can be found here. Be sure to see if there is a tool that you are offered in the clinic in this list.

Each of these fillers has its own characteristics. The choice of the product is best discussed with a doctor.

2. The effect of hyaluronic acid temporary

Hyaluronic acid is absorbed, so the effect of lip enforcement lasts from several months to six months. It depends on the type of filler, and on individual characteristics.

3. Men can also be

Fillers not only make lips chubby and sensual. They help to adjust the form and eliminate imbalances. And who said that men do not want to get his chubby lips?

4. It will still be your lips

Do not expect fillers will make lips like a favorite star. Yes, with the help of hyaluronic acid, you can adjust the volume and shape, but nothing more. And although the effect will be noticeable immediately, you should not expect that your friends will not recognize you.

12 facts that you need to know about lips

5. It almost does not hurt, but noticeable

Before the injection, the doctor applies an analgesic to the lips and skin around them. Depending on the individual characteristics, sensitivity changes: someone feels only a light tingling, someone is unpleasant. After the injection, to reduce the edema, the ice is applied, it also helps to get rid of unpleasant sensations.

A few days after the injection, the sensitivity of the lips can be reduced.

6. You need to prepare for the procedure

This is not such a harmless intervention as it seems. Before the procedure, it is impossible to take medications that affect the coagulation or dilute blood (including vitamins and vitamin E), drink alcohol, smoke.

7. There are contraindications

It is impossible to fill the lips with fillers if you have diabetes, autoimmune diseases, problems with blood coagulation or aggravation of herpes.

8. There are side effects

Such an injection is a surgical intervention that may come to an unwanted consequences. After the injection, the edema will certainly be, but it will pass in a few days. Other troubles:

  • Bruises.
  • Bumps.
  • Lip deformation.
  • Redness.
  • Infection in the injection site.
  • Allergy.

9. It is dangerous to get involved

It is a pity that no one leads the statistics of girls who have hooked on lip enforcement.

However, who has Instagram*does not need statistics. Either due to the fact that fillers must be constantly updated, or due to the fact that the best is the enemy of the good, but it is very possible to overdo it with lips.

12 facts that you need to know about lips

Just in case: if you get to the cosmetologist, start with a minimum. If you want more, go again. But better think a couple of extra weeks, do you definitely need it.

And even more so do not try to increase your lips several times with the first procedure, do not stretch the fabric.

10. If you don’t like it, you can play back

If you use hyaluronic acid filler and decided that you do not like the new look of the lips, then the cosmetologist can fix it. Hyaluronic acid is broken down by a special enzyme. And if you make an injection with him, then the lips will be “blown away” faster than in six months: almost immediately after the drug is administered.

11. This is not so cheap

The cost of one procedure changes depending on the clinic, filler and the volume of material. It is necessary to focus on amounts from 500 to 2,000 dollars.

12. The doctor should do injections

Therefore, do not hesitate to ask the clinic license and documents about the doctor’s professional education. And do not enlarge your lips just in the beauty salons, trusting the hands of the non -specialists, because you risk your face.

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