5 highly efficient and 3 almost useless cardiotransapers

5 highly efficient and 3 almost useless cardiotransapers

Almost all training spells focused on a decrease in the percentage of subcutaneous fat include a cardio load. In the hall, it is most often performed on simulators that differ in the degree of effectiveness. We figured out which simulators allow the largest number of calories in a shorter period of time, and which inventions of the fitness industry is better to avoid.

Highly efficient cardio traffic

Rowing simulator

The rowing simulator is considered the most effective car for cardio, but, unfortunately, is rarely found even in well -equipped halls. If you have one in yours, use it more of10. While working on the rowing simulator, the whole body is involved, and 10 minutes of interval training will tire you in the same way as a heavy multi -tower exercise like a squat or one of the many varieties of rods.


The most unloved cardiotranster, while the most common: is found in almost every hall. Paths, if you have no problems with your knees or spine, is an organic tool for combating extra pounds. They are often criticized due to “inefficiency”. For the tool to work on the full, you do not need to watch TV shows, performing cardio. Combine calm run with sprint as part of one training, choose the right angle of inclination, and forward.


Another wonderful tool imitating the stairs. Use the stepper, alternating it with a treadmill. This is a very effective cardiotandem. If you feel that the ascent is given to you easily, do not hold your hands on the handrails.

Airdyne bicycle

Here is another simulator whose effectiveness was, so to say, the legend of the California gyms. The stronger you press on the pedals, the faster you rotate them, the sooner the “wheel” blades are spinning and the more voltage you need to overcome.

In Russia, such simulators are in several large fitness networks. If you are engaged in one of the clubs whose administration has acquired such a simulator, give up a call to make several intervals: 30 seconds of intensity and 1 minute of dynamic rest. A similar scheme is shown here on this video:

Classic exercise bike

On a classic cycle bike, unlike Airdyne, pedals can be pedal not only in a high -intensity manner, but also for long sessions. In particular, if you do not have an ordinary bicycle, you can allocate a separate day and drive a few tens of kilometers on the simulator, spending a couple of hours in the hall. Such cardio will be remembered for a long time.

The least effective cardio trains

Steep bike

A lying bike was created to rehabilitate patients after a stroke or persons with impaired musculoskeletal systems: for these groups, it is ideal. But if we are talking about a full cardio, such a device is useless: when using it, only the ankle works and partially the hips. There can be no talk of any intensity in training here.


The elliptical simulator beloved by many is also considered low -efficient. Firstly, the movements are unnatural. Secondly, it is possible to enter the pulse range of effective calorie burning only at the submarous speeds of the ellipse. The recoil from the simulator is low, and the injury is still preserved – it is better to prefer the pool such training.

Ski simulator

In the event that you are not involved in skiing, but consider the ski simulator as a replacement of cardio, this is not the best option, and that’s why. Firstly, similar movements can be done in a crossover-it is in almost any hall. Secondly, movements on a ski simulator are also quite unnatural and rarely performed in everyday life.

Depending on what goal you pursue, visiting the gym, choose the appropriate equipment. If training for you is a variety of reporting, climb a lying bike, turn on the new series of “Game of Thrones” or another series and enjoy the plot. If you need a real result, do not spare yourself, stand on a treadmill or sit down for a row. Until seven sweat will not come off you, it’s too early to leave the hall.

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