5 ways to listen to music from VKontakte in the background

5 ways to listen to music from VKontakte in the background

Verified restrictions bypassing the background listening to music from your favorite social network.

Since October 2017, a paid subscription has appeared on VKontakte, without which you can listen to music in applications on iOS and Android only 30 minutes a day. However, this restriction can be circumvented. Lifehacker knows at least five ways.

Web version

While the restriction does not apply to web versions, listening to music is easiest in the browser. This method works both in the desktop version of VKontakte and in the mobile. The only negative is to switch tracks from the remote control on the headphones, so it is better to immediately prepare a good playlist.

Third -party applications

There are a lot of alternative applications for listening to music from VKontakte, which not only work in the background, but also allow you to download tracks for offline listening. On Android you can use the modified client VK Coffee. On iOS, Apple periodically blocks this kind of application, so it is better to look for fresh ones on the request of “VK Music” on the App Store.


Telegram has a very convenient built -in player, which can also be used to listen to music. Using a bot @rhymeru_bot, it’s easy to download tracks from your page and listen to them right in the messenger. You can also create a separate channel, load your favorite tracks into it and listen to them from there.

Turning the timer

Available 30 minutes of background listening to music per day can be extended if the clock is translated. Just go into the smartphone settings and transfer time a day ago. After the correct date can be returned.

Old versions of applications

In previous versions of official customers, there was an opportunity to listen to music without restrictions, and this can be used if you do not update the application or install the old. It is not so difficult for Android to find version 4.8.3 on 4PDA or other sites. With iOS, everything is much more complicated, but if you get confused, you can install the old VKontakte client on the iPh1.

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