8 best online photographs

If you need to quickly fix the photo without downloading any programs, use these web services.

Almost all photo editors from this list are free, but they offer premium services for a reasonable price. Most are based on Flash technology, so, before using it, make sure your browser supports Adobe Flash Player plugin.

1. Pixlr

8 best online photographs

Pixlr-one of the most funistic online photographs. With his interface, it resembles Photoshop: there is also the main toolbar and additional with the history of previous actions and the list of layers.

Pixlr contains all the main tools, including the secretion functions, pouring, imposition of a gradient, blurry and transformation of images. The editor is available in many languages, including Russian, so you can easily understand its capabilities.

The created picture can be saved in JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF and other formats on your computer.

A simplified version of the editor is also available on the PIXLR website – Pixlr Express. It contains fewer tools and is designed for simple and as fast as possible to correct pictures. In Pixlr Expres, you can cut the photos, change its brightness and contrast, apply light effects, leave the inscription with cool font, add different filters, frames, stickers and other elements.

By the way, Pixlr Express capabilities are periodically supplemented by new stickers, for example, in the subject of the current holiday.

pros: a rich set of editing tools, simple control, you can choose a semi -professional editor or simple and convenient for beginners.

Minuses: availability of advertising in the free version.

Pixlr →

2. Fotor

8 best online photographs

A friendly, simple and convenient interface of the Fotor editor includes five main categories of tools. The first includes basic editing functions: trimming, rotation, size change and others. The next category is various effects with which you can take black and white pictures, apply color flashes, glare and not only.

Next are the functions of retouching. They will especially like girls, as they allow you to draw new makeup, mask skin defects, improve the complexion and even change its shape. The following groups of tools serve to add text, frames and stickers.

After editing, you can save photos on a computer or immediately post it on social networks. The program can also create collages, congratulatory cards and HDR cars.

pros: a very simple interface, many interesting effects, the ability to quickly share the result on social networks.

Minuses: the need to pay for additional content;Availability of advertising in a free version.

Fotor →

3. Picmonkey

8 best online photographs

Picmonkey is an online editor focused on ease of use. You can upload pictures with Flickr, Dropbox, Facebook* or from your computer and edit them using many tools. Picmonkey allows you to easily perform basic operations from color correction to change in size, as well as apply effects, textures (clouds, for example, or space), frames and stickers.

The Touch UP section contains many functions for creating virtual makeup. With the help of Picmonkey, you can also make collages or create business cards, cards and covers for social networks on the specified templates.

Earlier, the editor’s basic functions were available for free, but now you can maintain the results of the work only after the subscription is issued. But the developers offer a seven -day trial period for which you do not need to pay.

pros: a large number of intuitive tools, which are very easy to figure out.

Minuses: lack of a free version;the inability to edit images whose resolution exceeds 16 megapixels.

Picmonkey →

4. Befunky

8 best online photographs

Despite the fact that an advertisement hangs irritatingly around the Befunky window, you will find a huge number of effects and textures in his collection. At first, even eyes scatter and do not know how to ennoble your photo. In addition, the service offers a rich collection of frames, stickers and other decorative elements. True, many of them are paid – they are marked by the inscription Plus and are available in the framework of the subscription.

In addition to the functions of the photo editor in Befunky there are separate modules for creating collages and designing graphics.

pros: just an astronomical amount of beautiful effects and decoration elements.

Minuses: the need to pay for additional content;Availability of advertising in a free version.

Befunky →

5. Ribbet

8 best online photographs

Like the above editors, Ribbet offers tools for trimming, rotation, color correction and other basic operations with pictures. In addition to them in the service you will find stickers, text tools and effects. Against the background of other Ribbet editors, except for a large number of seasonal elements of jewelry, dedicated to holidays and popular events. As well as a pleasant interface design.

Some premium tools and elements open only after registration. But to unlock all primaral content, you need to issue a subscription.

Additional Ribbet modules are designed to create collages, drawing on clean canvas and create postcards. You can use them if you don’t have enough functions of the photo editor. In the collages module, you can not only change the shape of the cells, but also twist them, set them a certain size, change the roundness of the framework, set the background and automatically load all the pictures available in the photo editor.

Upon completion of editing, you can send a photo on Google+, Facebook*, Flickr or save on a computer.

pros: a convenient and beautifully designed interface;A large number of seasonal decor elements.

Minuses: the inaccessibility of many functions without registration;the need to pay for additional content;Availability of advertising in a free version.

Ribbet →

6. Fotoflexer

8 best online photographs

By opening the site Fotoflexer, you will see a plain, but visual interface with all standard tools, effects and settings that are present in most photo editors. Plus, the service contains many elements of jewelry and even supports animated stickers. So with the help of Fotoflexer you can not only edit static images, but also keep pictures in the form of gifs.

Alas, the service is clearly outdated, which affects the speed of its work and the absence of some familiar functions. For example, you can accidentally close the page and lose your job, as Fotoflexer does not warn about the exit. At the same time, developers do not require users to issue a subscription.

pros: a simple, understandable interface;Free.

Minuses: outdated design;Low speed of work.

Fotoflexer →

7. Lunapic

8 best online photographs

Like Fotoflexer, Lunapic – another old school editor. On the one hand, it offers unique effects and opportunities for editing. For example, the service has many functions for working with animation and color. The history of the changes has been interestingly implemented: you see a list of miniatures with the effect of each of your actions and you can return to any of them or quickly cancel everything.

On the other hand, all the chips are served in an old -fashioned interface with the drop -down elements of the menu.

pros: the presence of unique tools and effects;Free.

Minuses: outdated interface;The presence of advertising.

Lunapic →

8. Sumo Paint

8 best online photographs

Sumo Paint is implemented in Photoshop style with the usual toolbar and a drop -down menu. At your service, tools for drawing, adding figures, transformation, increase, color correction and other actions with pictures. Support for filters and layers implemented. If you own Photoshop, Sumo Paint will figure it out in a couple of minutes.

However, many functions are available only in the Pro version, for which you need to pay. In fact, in each menu item somewhere in one free function, the rest are paid.

pros: the presence of all basic and many advanced tools from Photoshop.

Minuses: the need to pay for additional content;Availability of advertising in a free version.

Sumo Paint →

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