8 services for sending letters to the future

8 services for sending letters to the future

Sites that will help postpone the sending of an electronic or paper letter.

Letters to the future are a great way to remind yourself of old dreams and experiences or just share thoughts and emotions that you can’t tell anyone else about. Lifehacker offers a list of services through which you can write to the future to yourself or another person.

1. Future-mail

8 services for sending letters to the future

Through this service you can write a letter with a delay of 1 day to 100 years – not only to yourself, but also to a friend or even a stranger. You are free to attach a file up to 500 KB or a picture from a webcam to the news. Having paid $ 7, it is possible to send a letter in paper form.

To use the site, it will have to register it. Also on Future-Mail there is a section with letters that their senders chose not to hide from the eyes of the public.

Future-mail →

2. Mailfuture

8 services for sending letters to the future

One of the simplest services of this kind. Write the message, indicate the name and electronic box of the recipient, as well as the delivery date, and then wait.

The letter can be sent for a maximum of 100 years ahead, but it is worth choosing a smaller term: the site is on pure enthusiasm, so at any time it can cease to exist. However, the authors say that the cost of maintaining the service is minimal, so it is unlikely to close it soon.

Mailfuture →

3. in a year.RF

8 services for sending letters to the future

The project from Petersburgers was born recently and has a much more pleasant design than many other services. The site is distinguished by the fact that letters on it can only be sent a year in advance. Despite this restriction, more than 270,000 people used the service in a few days.

in a year.RF →

4. Futureme

8 services for sending letters to the future

Service in English, but it is easy to figure it out without knowledge of the language. On the main page enter the text of the letter, indicate the date of sending and the mailing address of the recipient, decide on the privacy of the message and click on the bright gradient button.

There is a section on the site in which you can read public letters. In 2018, a more adjustable Pro version for teachers, communities and brands should be available.

Futureme →

5. Lettermelater

8 services for sending letters to the future

This site is more like a full -fledged mail client than just a service for sending letters to the future. It will need to register, but you will get access to both the address book and the convenient editor. The Wen To Send field indicates the date, and you can configure interval shipment. Then the letter will come to you with a certain frequency. It is possible to attach a file to the message.

Initially, the service is free, but for $ 20 a year you can send more letters to a larger number of people, and the investment limit will grow to 50 MB.

Lettermelater →

6. Letter 2 Future

8 services for sending letters to the future

A service that stores all letters in a reliable Swiss computer security service Mount10. The site additionally offers a service for sending paper letters, which costs $ 6.

Letter 2 Future has a function that allows you to make promises: you ask yourself a question, and after the indicated time you honestly answer it by mail. After that, the service will provide a schedule that will show how regularly you are fulfilling your promises.

The site can slowly work in Google Chrome, but in Microsoft Edge pages are loaded without problems.

Letter 2 Future →

7. Yandex.Mail

8 services for sending letters to the future

Letters to the future can be written through some traditional postal services, for example, through Yandex.Mail “. In the window of drawing up a letter next to the yellow button “Send” the icon with the clock is located. Click on it and select the date and time of sending. In the lines of the recipient, indicate your own address so that the letter comes to you by mail.

Yandex.Mail →

8. Gmail

8 services for sending letters to the future

To configure the delayed shipment in Google, you will have to establish an expansion of Boomerang, which is available for all popular browsers. In the writing window under the blue button “Send” the Send Later red button will appear. Make a message, indicate the addressee, click on the button and select the date and time of sending.

Gmail →

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