Adele – biography of the British singer

Adele – biography of the British singer

Adele (English. Adele) – the phenomenon is truly unique. This is a singer, whose biography has already been marked by many awards and prizes. It is included in the Guinness Book of Records as the most successful singer, who was the longest leading the British chart. How many years Adele will last on Olympus, no one takes to predict.

  • Real name: Adele Laurie Blu Edkins
  • Date of birth: 5.5.1988
  • Zodiac sign: Taurus
  • Height: 173 centimeters
  • Weight: 95 kilograms
  • Waist and hips: 66 and 92 centimeters
  • Shoe size: 39 (EUR)
  • Eye and hair color: blue, blond.

Adele – biography of the British singer

Childhood and youth

But it all started very prosaic. In May 1988, the future singer Adele was born. Her biography is most like a fairy tale about Cinderella. The girl was born in the poor part of London inhabited by emigrants from the Arab countries and local poor. Her parents belonged to the second category. They were very young and not at all rich: the unemployed brand Evans was only twenty years old, eighteen -year -old student Penny Edkins studied art at the university. Young people began a life together, not particularly thinking about the future, but an unexpected pregnancy put Penny before the choice: continuation of study or birth of a child. She preferred to quit university. Only after the birth of his daughter, Mark suggested Penny to get married, but she refused, as it turned out, not in vain: a good husband and father did not work out of him.

What could have expected a child from the poor, and besides, an incomplete family? Adele’s parents broke up when she was only nine months old. For some time, Mark was still seen with her daughter and her mother, but when the girl was three years old, her father left and for a long time did not give any news about herself. He appeared on the horizon only when his daughter became famous. He gave an interview about her the Daily Mail tabloid, having received a good reward from journalists and causing the greatest indignation of the artist. She did not forgive her father’s betrayal. She said indignantly in an interview that her father had no right to even talk about her … However, all this was much later, and then the only paternal “inheritance” for Adele remained Ella Fitzgerald, the famous jazz singer.

The ability to sing and compose manifested her in childhood. A great influence on it was exerted by the group Spice Girls. Adele began to imitate these singers when she was only four years old, and was subsequently fond of genres such as pop-rock and rhythm-end-blouse. She loved to hum and listen to music herself. The closest people then were mom and grandfather, they were the first to notice her talent (and who else?). The girl had a guitar, she began to compose and humming melodies. It turned out so well that she began to direct her along this path, but the singer herself did not believe that she would achieve success in music. She had not at all a “stage” figure, her fullness generally forced Adele to complex, and sponsors who could lead her along the thorny path of show business, she never had.

But from the very beginning, the mother did everything that could. She was taken up for any work: conducting training courses, assembly of furniture, massage, worked in several places at the same time to pay her daughter the lessons of singing. These classes brought the girl a great joy, she was ready to meet a mentor daily.

When was the British singer Adele debuted? This happened in the school years. In an amateur performance, the young artist performed “Rise”, a song from the repertoire of the English singer Gabrielle. Soon she was carried away by the work of another compatriot, singer Etta James.

Adele’s giftedness was obvious, many acquaintances and friends advised her to declare herself. The girl perceived the enthusiasm and advice of friends with a fair amount of skepticism, soberly evaluating her abilities. Yes, nature endowed it with a unique voice with a wide range, but this is not enough for the stage success. The pop singer should also be a beauty, and the appearance of Adele, suffering from excess weight, was far from fashionable ideals.

Only because talent does not depend on the physique. Extraordinary vocal data – a strong voice and a large range could not go unnoticed. And now she had already passed at the insistence of friends listening to the famous London school of performing art and technology. Many British celebrities studied in this educational institution. The vocal data of Adele impressed, it was adopted and began its ascent to the musical Olympus, which would be more correct to call a swift rise. Under the guidance of the best teachers-vocalists of Great Britain, her talent bloomed. In 2006, when Adele made several demonstration records, but still did not dare to show them to any1. Close. It all started with the fact that friends posted a demo version of the songs of Adele without her knowledge on the Myspace network, and they were noticed by a prominent British producer from XL Recordings, an influential British recording company. The singer was a big surprise when he called and offered cooperation. As the artist subsequently admitted, at the first moment this call seemed to her a draw, but still she believed the producer.

Adele – biography of the British singer


Thus began the singer Adele, whose biography is colored by rewards, like scattering stars in the sky. Her performing career began in October 2007 with the release of Singela “Hometown Glory”. His circulation was limited, but a year later, a reprint and nomination for the Grammy Award followed. The next single has become a true hit.

Adele – biography of the British singer

Adele in the press center at the 51st annual Grammy Prize, Los Angeles, 2009.Photo: s_bukley / shutterstock.Com

The singer received her very first music prize before the release of a solo album. It was a reward for young performers Brit AwardScritics ’Choice Award. But these were still flowers! Real World Glory fell upon the singer after the release of her first album “19”, presented only two weeks after the single. Why did he get such an unusual name, and what does this number have to Adele? The age of the performer at that time was just that – nineteen years. He made a splash. He was called a discovery, a musical sensation. Phenomenal success brought the album the status of “platinum”. This means that more than 300 thousand copies of the disk were sold. Our heroine has a biography now defined for many years to come.

Adele – biography of the British singer

Adele arrives at the premiere of the “Skull of Kong” in Los Angeles on February 12, 2012.Photo: dfree / shutterstock.Com

In 2008, the Columbia Records sound recording company signed a contract with Adele, and it began touring trips to America and Canada, accompanied by unchanged success. This talented woman generally managed to collect all conceivable awards. Here is Grammy, and Oscar and Golden Globe. Oscar appeared after a successful composition for the next series Bondiana. She now recalls her laughter about her children’s complexes. She claims that she does not consider it necessary to flaunt her ass (hint of Jennifer Lopez?), does not like to go to the gym, but loves to drink good wine and eat tasty.

Adele – biography of the British singer

Los Angeles, California, January 13, 2013: Adele on the 70th Golden Globe Award at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.Photo: Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock.Com

For all attacks about why she does not want to engage in her figure, she replies: “My music is not for the eyes, but for my ears,” and it is impossible to argue with this. Big, tall and loud she entered art and proclaimed – accept me as it is. And the world accepted, and even with enthusiasm. Nevertheless, she is still afraid to go on stage, does not like to be photographed and red paths.

All musical albums of the singer are indicated by numbers. How many years Adele is called an album. From which we can conclude that World Glory came to her early enough, after the album “19”.

Adele – biography of the British singer

Adele at the 59th Grammy Prize, held at Staples Center in Los Angeles, USA, February 12, 2017.Photo: TinSeltown / Shutterstock.Com

For Adele, personal life also develops in the best way. She is happy in marriage with businessman Simon Conneki, they have a son.

Adele – biography of the British singer

Adele with son (Pinterest)

She is only 30 years old, and there is no longer such a peak that she would not conquer. Her name does not leave the pages of tabloids. Her glory is compared with the glory “Beatles”. Our heroine, whose biography is at the very beginning, constantly under the close attention. Everything is the property of publicity: what cafe she visited, with which an ownerless cat she played (the cat immediately becomes a celebrity and finds the owners). Only 2 albums denoting the age-related milestones-“19” and “21” made it an unattainable show business star. She’s really not like everyone else. The third album – “25” was delayed whether the marriage of the fault who knows? However, to her anniversary, the singer received the Order of the British Empire.

However, there was a moment that made the singer’s fans very alarmed: she had a hemorrhage in a ligament, and she could not make a sound. Adele underwent surgery on bundles, now rejoices again in her velvet voice.

Adele is very warm to her mother, because she raised her alone, podded her talent and, in the end, directed her to the path that brought her glory, happiness and prosperity. In honor of her mother, she made a tattoo in the form of a penny coin (mother’s name is Penny Edkins).

Cinderella became the queen. Adele bathes at the zenith of fame. The genre of her music is jazz (influence of Ella Fitzgerald) and country style. By the way, it was Ella Fitzgerald who helped the girl love herself as she is. She was convinced that it was possible to achieve recognition and love, not having a notorious model figure at all.

Adele – biography of the British singer

Personal life Adele

Many pop stars tend to flaunt their family affairs, almost arranging a show from them, but not Adele. The personal life of the singer is not advertised. True, the artist from time to time allowed herself separate hints, but there was only only to guess about the details of the general public. So, Adele did not hide that the album “21” embodies feelings caused by parting with a lover, but who he is? It was suggested that it was the singer Slinka Sanbim, but Adele denied this. She claimed that Sanbim is completely out of her taste. Fans attributed to the artist novels with her friend comedian James Corden, producer Mark Ronson, who collaborated with her, but the singer remained silent. The name of the mysterious lover remained a secret.

One of the songs “21” was dedicated to the wealthy entrepreneur Simon Kostykka. It was with him that Adele gained happiness in 2011. A year later, they had a son, named Angelo James. For some time, Adele suffered from construction depression, but then motherhood inspired her: the artist admitted that a goal appeared in her life. For the sake of the child, she refused alcoholic beverages and smoking. Family happiness was overshadowed only by the annoying attention of photographers. Due to the publication of the pictures that captured her and Simon with her son during a walk, the singer in 2014 filed a lawsuit for interfering in her personal life.

The official marriage took place only in 2017 in Los Angeles. As always, Adele avoided the attention of the press to her personal life: the wife spent the ceremony in their own house, secretly.

Unfortunately, marital happiness turned out to be short -lived: in 2019, Adele and Simon divorced. The reason was the position of the husband. He hoped that his wife would devote herself to home and family, and her glory would come to naught. But Adele was not going to leave the scene, so her husband rarely saw her. She remained all the same popular, and playing the secondary role of the “husband of a star” Simon was not to liking. But after the divorce of the marriage, the ex -husband and wife managed to remain friends, equally sharing parental duties and rights.

Adele – biography of the British singer

Discography ADELE

  • SOMEONE Like You, Sing & ADELE, 2017.
  • Water Under the Bridge, 2016.
  • SEND My Love (to Your New Lover), 2016.
  • 25, 2015.
  • Hello, 2015.
  • Set Fire to the Rain, 2013.
  • SkyFall, 2012.
  • 21, 2011.
  • Rolling in the Deep, 2010.
  • 19, 2008.
  • Hometown Glory, 2008.
  • Cold Shoulder, 2008.
  • Chasing Pavements, 2008.
  • Make You Feel My Love, 2008.
  • Be Divine, Ricsta, 2006.

Adele now

After 2017, the singer did not represent new albums or singles, but in 2019 on Instagram hinted that the new album in her immediate plans.

https: //

So far this plan was not implemented, but in 2020 the artist surprised the audience differently, she dropped 45 kilograms. Fans are lost in conjecture what was the reason: the spiritual experiences that followed a divorce, or new love. The artist herself explained everything much more prosaic: he threatened his health, adversely reflected in well -being. Having decided to lose weight and thereby improve health, the singer cared not so much about herself as about her beloved son, because the child needs a healthy mother for happiness and well -being.

It remains to add that our heroine is a wonderful person with a big heart and is ready to sacrifice large sums to help those in need. Having taken off high, she remembers her poor childhood well. Listen to 21 – Adele on Yandex.Music

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