Barbara Palvin – biography and personal life of the model

Barbara Palvin – biography and personal life of the model

Despite the young age, Barbara Palvin is already one of the most popular top models today, both in Hungary and beyond. Could the girl suggest that a meeting with a potential agent will become such an important event in her life leading to radical changes?

Date of birth: 08.10.1993 Zodiac sign: Libra Heights: 175 centimeters weight: 63 kilograms of breasts, waist and hips: 81, 66 and 95 centimeters Size of clothing and shoes: 34 and 38 (EU) Eye color and hair color: Blue, dark blond

The blue -eyed baby was born almost 25 years ago in the capital of Hungary – Budapest. Being still very small, Barbara Palvin showed an uncharacteristic interest for the child in programs telling about the life and work of representatives of show business, in particular-the fashion industry. And therefore, the fact that at the age of 13 the girl had already crossed “from words to deed”, turning from the viewer, into a real celebrity, seems to be a completely natural beginning of the star biography of Barbara.

Barbara Palvin – biography and personal life of the model

Those who opened the teenager of the door to the world of fashion became the scout of the IMG modeling agency popular in Hungary. The story, as if from some kind of cinema-that unmistenting Palvin simply walked around Budapest with her mother, as a man noticed her, whose attention is dreamed of achieving the vast majority of adult applicants for open vacancies in the fashion industry. Be that as it may, parents made a fair decision and did not forbid Palvin to choose fate for themselves. A trial photo shoot, a mother’s official signature on a document confirming her consent to her daughter’s work and, the girl has already taken the first step on her career ladder, almost turning the name Barbara Palvin into a brand.

IGM contract was signed already in 2006, until the 14th birthday of the girl. Then the young model went beyond Hungary, going to shoot the Japanese magazine Spur. In Barbara’s biography, there were projects related to fashion catalogs, promising proposals from New York and Great Britain, showing in Milan (by the way, the minor model was invited to the podium of Municipalum Prad!). Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu, Carchel – further “appetizing” contracts literally sprinkled on a talented teenager. And in 2012, the girl was already an official person of L’Oreal Paris cosmetics, along with Gwen Stafani and Claudy Schiffer.

The figure of Barbara

Once a fragile girl with chubby lips and without makeup expressive, aristocratic cheekbones, today has become a completely adult. Frank shooting appear in the portfolio more and more of10. And more and more often, Barbara Palvin is forced to keep the defense against those who cannot accept the changed parameters of the figure of yesterday’s teenager, subjecting the girl to criticize.

Barbara Palvin – biography and personal life of the model

In fairness, these parameters may not correspond to the classic fashion for the world. But the figure of a celebrity does not suffer from this. Yes, and Barbara herself. Unlike anorexic “star” slimmer, a girl without embarrassment admits that she loves tasty and unusual food and never denies herself goodies. At the same time, she is happy to play sports, in particular Pilates – and therefore, to get rid of excess calories, just go to an unscheduled training. More than physical activity and delicious dishes of Barbara loves, perhaps, only massage. Morning massage is the best beginning of the day, the Hungarian top model is sure.

As for the lively discussions of one of the recent photo shoots, where the star advertised a new collection of swimwear, and reproaches that Barbara Palvin is fat, it is unlikely that this opinion is objectively. Yes, the star girl recovered, but looks great. And numerous photo shoots confirm that numerous fans of top models also think so among employers.

Personal life of the model

The personal life of Barbara Palvin, like any other more or less famous star personality, is happy to discuss both fans and ill-wishers. And this, despite the fact that the rumors around the Hungarian top model began to appear long before the girl was at least 16 years old. At one time, Barbara Palvin was completely recorded in the insidious destroyers of star steam. So, the young celebrity was accused of a novel with Justin Bieber, who at this stage was in a relationship with Selena Gomez. Just think, thousands of adults were really ready to spend hours in attempts to convict two teenagers in something provocative!

Barbara Palvin – biography and personal life of the model

Be that as it may, the rumors turned out to be rumors. And the photograph, which, in fact, was the reason for the origin of the legend that the Hungarian top model and Justin are found (and some enthusiastically proved that the children were completely married!), turned out to be just friendly selfies from fashion shows. In one of her interviews, the girl reassured everyone who was excited by her personal life, saying that she did not dream to be married to Bieber and they are just friends. At a minimum, it helped at least half of the “gossip” to remember that at their age it is absolutely normal.

The next boyfriend of the top models from Hungary, according to the public, was Nil Horan, a soloist of the British Board Band “One Direction”. And all that was needed to appear in the cinema, at the premiere of “Hunger Games”. Pay attention, Niall Horan came to the cinema separately from the girl, and only to avoid the attention of the audience constantly whispering and looking at them, the guys sat together on the neighboring chairs in the front row. This alone turned out to be enough for Barbara Palvin again “get married”.

Similarly, the girls also managed to get into the number of “spouses” Nick Jonas-one of the three talented musician brothers, and the red-haired Casanova Eddie Shiran. The first “hit” after the audience requiring bread and spectacles noticed a joint photograph of the blue-eyed Hungarian and Junior Jonas, taken on the weekend in Las Vegas. Ed “pierced” after he appeared with his girlfriend in one of the luxurious restaurants in Newtown. Dinner, a trip in the same car, a preliminary statement from Eddie that his heart is free, and now, the guys are already a couple. It is amazing how a friend of the Hungarian beauty Kara Delevingne is still not accused of romantic relationships with a top model. Moreover, girls meet with each other much more often than with guys, and “on duty”, and on secular parties.

In July 2018, it became known about Barbara’s novel with actor Dylan demand.

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