Ben Stiller is a person who can not only make fun of

Ben Stiller is a person who can not only make fun of

Ben Stiller (English. Ben Stiller) is a person who gave a lot of emotions to lovers of films not only the genre of comedy, but also of dramatic masterpieces, for example, “Incredible Life of Walter Mitty”.

  • Real Name: Benjamin (Ben) Edward Stiller
  • Date of birth: 30.11.1965
  • Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
  • Height: 170 centimeters
  • Weight: 68 kilograms
  • Shoe size: 42 (EUR)
  • Eye and hair color: green, brunette

Ben Stiller is a person who can not only make fun of

Childhood of a future star

Ben Stiller was born in a family of comedy actors, so his fate was a foregone conclusion before the birth. His father was a pop comedian, and his mother starred on TV. Ben also had a sister with whom he constantly tried to enter the image of his parents, trying to be like them.

Adults saw what Ben was interested in, so at the age of 10 they decided to give the birthday girl a real camera. Of course, he immediately shared the joy of a gift with his sister, with whom they began to shoot his first movie. And at the age of 11, my mother helped Benu to achieve a role in the series “Kate Makshin”.

Carier start

In 1983, our hero went to California to know the secrets of cinema at the university, but a year later he came to his native New York, where he went to acting courses. During this period, Ben Stiller begins to work actively, he is filmed in the theater and directs short films. One of these films fell on the NBC television channel, which bought it for the show “Saturday evening on the air” – a very popular program in the United States.

And they noticed Ben as an excellent actor after his play in the play “House of Blue Leaves”, after which he opened roads for the further development of his career. Now the young guy had a choice: to become an actor or director.

In 1987, a proposal was received from Stephen Spielberg, to star in the film “The Empire of the Sun”, to which Ben Stiller agreed. By the way, this film was revealed by Christian Bale, now whom we can see in various interesting projects. And in 1989, our hero himself became a guest of the program “Saturday evening on the air”.

Ben Stiller is a person who can not only make fun of

Work on television

After the actor became widely popular, the MTV television company invited Ben to her, where he was broadcasting “back to Brooklyn”. Spectators perfectly took the new presenter on the channel, thanks to which he decided to give the lead also a musical show. Everything would be fine, but a year later they refused Ben, which is why the actor decided to show all the ins and outs of show business.

The Fox TV channel offered our hero a place at home, where he began to mock show business, because of which all the critics began to say one voice to say that this upstart did not know the framework of decency. But the audience turned out to be the opposite opinion, like the collegium of judges of the Emmy Prize, which went to Benjamin for the best script. After that, the actor is already going to Hollywood.

Hollywood director

In 1994, Ben Stiller’s career began as a director in Hollywood. And he began his way with work on the film “Reality bites”, where Winona Ryder and Ethan Hawk were invited. Stiller himself also decided to take part in the filming process, becoming an actor of the main role. At first, there was no particular demand for the film when he was played in cinemas, but the profit went from the rental for DVD. After that, our hero had funds for the implementation of the next project.

Now Stiller works with Jim Kerry, on the film “Cables”, where the director himself also starred. The humor in the picture was black enough, which allowed to recoup investing in the film, but critics unanimously claimed a total failure.

Actor career

Ben Stiller is a person who can not only make fun of

Real success in the acting field, Ben received thanks to the role of “something about Mary”, where he played the main character. After this moment, Stiller began to be considered a full actor who could take part in projects with a large budget.

Now Ben Stiller’s face can be found in almost every comedy that comes out in Hollywood.

But, despite the collection of films with Ben, he practically does not have awards for shooting in the cinema, not counting two awards of the MTV television channel in 1999 and 2001. In large prizes, Stiller was noticed only as a nominee for Saturn for the best male role in the film “The Incredible Life of Walter Mitty”, however, Robert Dauni the youngest, who played an iron man in the same name, was awarded.

Personal life

Our hero met his current wife on the set. In 2000, the couple decided to get married, and two years later their daughter Ella was born. The second child, the son of Kwinley, appeared in them in 2005. In May 2017, the spouses announced the parting.

Ben Stiller is a person who can not only make fun of

The actor positions himself as a democrat. Once, in the beginning of the zero years, Ben Stiller had an interesting moment in the biography, he decided to make fun of the press, telling them about the allegedly existing disease of manic-depressive psychosis, which was a violent reaction. However, in 2006, he denied his statements, because reporters began to exhibit the actor as a real maniac and psychopath.

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